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A few days ago PAX East was happening and as SCUM was streaming there we got a good look at the events that occur in the survival world as new game modes. But, what did the stream exactly show us?

Capture the cargo

If you want to check the stream yourself, be prepared for a long sit. However, we will lead you through the first event called Cargo Capture. At first, it’s good to know these events will be a part of the open world of SCUM. So, whenever an event opens you need to go to a certain area on the map to be able to play it.

When you enter the event zone there will be tables with gear, weapons, and ammunition which you can take and equip. This moment is called the warm-up zone which lasts for a few seconds to give you enough time to equip and try out the weapons. After that, you will get sent into the game mode where two teams of four players need to capture the cargo and protect it. However, when the cargo is captured the other team can re-capture it if the cargo is left unprotected, which means you will need to protect the cargo until the time is up. Also, the moment you die it’s not over as your character will re-spawn. At the end of the match, a summary of the match appears where the kills, deaths, assists, and headshots of each player are shown.

Already at the first twenty minutes of the stream, you will see how the inventory and gathering resources works. The moment you get hit and the health bar decreases, the screen will turn into black and white. Yet, this is directly a good sign to try to go into cover and stop the bleeding.

The survival world

At the character creation screen, you will directly notice SCUM uses RPG elements to create the character as you can change the age, body, face, tattoos, attributes, and skills. However, changing the age and body type will contribute to attributes which you can spend on the skills. The attributes are divided into four categories which all have their own list of skills, spending points in these skills will allow you to level up from no skill all the way to advanced.

And this is how your character will be born.

Another thing that got shown on the stream is the crafting system. Just as any survival game you will need to collect resources to make the desired tool or item. However, while the receipt shows which resources you need, you will be able to circle through the options. So, instead of rope, you can also use wire, improvised rope or thread to make the item. The cooking system basically works the same where you can add different ingredients or meat to make the desired dishes. Yet, the ingredients will determine the number of vitamins and protean the character will consume. To gather meat killing animals is required and killing smaller ones will give less meat then killing a big animal.

A look at the alpha stage of the crafting system, however, the interface and some of the parts will still change as its pretty complicated at the moment.

So far 64 players will be able to play on one multiplayer server but as the stream showed you can also decide to just go into singleplayer. At the end of the stream, they showed their developer blogs, which we covered at our site before.



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