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During Gamescom, we met with Gamepires the game studio behind the survival open-world game SCUM. Because of this, we managed to get a deeper insight into the planned Early Access phase of the game.

Camp building instead of base building

The developers made us understand that there won’t be any classic base building. So, in SCUM, you will have to do without building fortresses and other bases. Instead, you have to opportunity to set up a small camp: build a little shelter with a few boxes, a campfire and a place to stay overnight. In addition, you can settle in the buildings that are already in the game.

Life after death

Unlike typical Battle Royale games such as PUBG, SCUM is not based on individual matches but on a ( fixed) character. After being killed you can choose between three respawn options:

  • Spawning at a complete new spawn position.
  • Spawning near one of your squad members.
  • Spawning at your created hiding place.

However, all three respawn methods have different effects on your Fame Points. So, you should think carefully before choosing a respawn style as you might lose too much fame points. Earning these desired points comes through getting experience and killing other players. In addition, when your character dies you get to keep all the skills and abilities but you will lose all your equipment.

Scum Gamescom 2018
Our German team squeezes all the information from the developers of SCUM!

Stay together!

To survive in SCUM it can be beneficial to be part of a squad. As there are no squad limits, in contrast with other comparable games where, among other things, you can only team up with four members. The total number of players on a server are quite large as well, as up to 64 players are on a server.

What can you expect from the Early Access?

The Early Access phase of SCUM will start next week on August 29 for the PC. While playing you will almost have the full survival experience as most features, such as the metabolism, most weapons and ammunition are already implemented. Furthermore, there will always be a list of in-game events to try out. These events include the small Battle Royale battles, which are likely to give you better gear and more Fame Points.

In the future vehicles, more specifically cars are planned. However, as Gamepires is just a small team of 16 people, implementing additional features will take some time.


SOURCESCUM at Gamescom 2018
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