You can host or rent your own server in the survival mmo SCUM. In order to have full power as an admin, here are some of the most important cheats, admin, console and item commands. Since the list itself is very extensive, we can not guarantee the topicality and functionality of all commands.

The SCUM Server-Admin-Commands

As an admin, you do not have an extra admin console, but you can easily execute the commands through the normal text chat. To do this you just put a hashtag in front of the respective command. For example, if you want to show all the players on the server, you enter “#ListPlayers” in the text chat.


Admin-Command Value Description Example
#SetTime 0000-2399 Sets the time on the server
#List Shows you all admincommands #List
#ListPlayers Lists the current players with Steam64ID, Steam names and character names #ListPlayers
#Kick SteamID, SteamName oder CharacterName Kick a specific player from your server #Kick SPIELERNAME
#Ban SteamID, SteamName oder CharacterName Permanently ban a specific player from your server #Ban SPIELERNAME
#Location SteamID, SteamName oder CharacterName Returns the position of the selected player #Location SPIELERNAME
#listAssets item Item name i.e Stone Displays a list of items using your search query. In this instance it will display all items with Stone in the name. #listassets item stone
#spawnItem Item name (from below item list) followed by amount Spawn a special item #spawnitem Working_Boots 1
#spawnCharacter character name (from below item list) followed by amount Spawn select number of characters or animals infront of you #spawncharacter bear 1
#TeleportToPlayer SteamID, SteamName oder CharacterName You are teleported to the location of coordinates provided #teleport PLAYERNAME
#Teleport X,Y,Z You are teleported to the location of coordinates provided #teleport 13135,-132156,125848
#SetFamePoints Fame Value followed by CharacterName Sets the fame points of the specified player to the given value #SetFamePoints 100 PLAYERNAME


Of course you can also have all sorts of items spawn in SCUM. Simply enter the command “#spawnitem <ITEM-ID> <NUMBER>” in the text chat and you will receive the respective item in your inventory. For example, if you want to spawn an AK-47, type “#spawnitem AK-47 1” in the chat.



Item-ID Type
1911 Weapon
1H_Brass_knuckles Weapon
1H_Bushman Weapon
1H_Cleaver Weapon
1H_Crowbar Weapon
1H_Hatchet Weapon
1H_Hunter Weapon
1H_Improvised_Hammer Weapon
1H_Improvised_metal_knife Weapon
1H_ImprovisedKnife Weapon
1H_KitchenKnife Weapon
1H_KitchenKnife_02 Weapon
1H_KitchenKnife_03 Weapon
1H_KitchenKnife_04 Weapon
1H_Kunai Weapon
1H_Little_Spade Weapon
1H_Metal_Sword Weapon
1H_MK5000_Black Weapon
1H_MK5000_Metal Weapon
1H_N9_Black Weapon
1H_N9_Black_1h_Melee Weapon
1H_N9_White Weapon
1H_Police_Baton Weapon
1H_Scalpel Weapon
1H_Scout_Black Weapon
1H_Scout_White Weapon
1H_Shuriken Weapon
1H_Stone_Axe Weapon
1H_Stone_Axe_Head Weapon
1H_Wooden_club Weapon
1H_Wooden_club_with_spikes Weapon
1H_Wooden_club_with_wire Weapon
1H_Wrench_Pipe Weapon
2H_Axe Weapon
2H_Baseball_Bat Weapon
2H_Baseball_Bat_with_spikes Weapon
2H_Baseball_Bat_with_wire Weapon
2H_Improvised_shovel Weapon
2H_Katana Weapon
2H_Metal_Axe Weapon
2H_Metal_Baseball_Bat Weapon
2H_Pickaxe Weapon
2H_Pitchfork Weapon
2H_Pitchfork_Bent Weapon
2H_Shovel_01 Weapon
2H_Shovel_02 Weapon
2H_Stone_Axe Weapon
2H_Stone_Axe_Head Weapon
2H_Wooden_Sword Weapon
40mm_G Weapon
AK-74 Weapon
BP_BerettaM9 Weapon
BP_Flashbang Weapon
BP_Frag_Grenade Weapon
BP_M1_Clip Weapon
BP_M9 Weapon
BP_M9_Silver Weapon
BP_Magazine_AK47 Weapon
BP_Magazine_AKS_74U Weapon
BP_Magazine_M9 Weapon
BP_Magazine_MP5 Weapon
BP_Magazine_SVD_Dragunov Weapon
BP_ScopeRail_AK47 Weapon
BP_ScopeRail_Dragunov Weapon
BP_Smoke_Grenade Weapon
BP_Smoker_01 Weapon
BP_Smoker_02 Weapon
BP_Weapon_590A11 Weapon
BP_Weapon_98k_Karabiner Weapon
BP_Weapon_AK47 Weapon
BP_Weapon_AKS_74U Weapon
BP_Weapon_Hunter85 Weapon
BP_Weapon_M1_Garand Weapon
BP_Weapon_MP5 Weapon
BP_Weapon_SVD_Dragunov Weapon
BPC_BerettaM9 Weapon
BPC_Weapon_98k_Karabiner_EVENT Weapon
BPC_Weapon_AKM Weapon
E_1H_Small_Axe Weapon
Event_1H_N9_Black Weapon
Event_2H_Axe Weapon
Event_2H_Baseball_Bat_with_wire Weapon
Event_2H_Katana Weapon
Event_Improvised_Metal_Spear Weapon
Event_Sledgehammer Weapon
Improvised_Metal_Spear Weapon
Improvised_Stone_Spear Weapon
Improvised_Wooden_Spear Weapon
Javelin Weapon
Sledgehammer Weapon
SPAS-12 Weapon



Item-ID Type
12_Gauge_Ammobox_Closed Ammo
12_Gauge_Ammobox_Open1 Ammo
12_Gauge_Catrige Ammo
Cal_5_45x39_5_pcs Ammo
Cal_5_45x39_AmmoboxClosed Ammo
Cal_5_45x39_AmmoboxOpen Ammo
Cal_5_45x39_Bullet Ammo
Cal_5_45x39_empty Ammo
Cal_5_45x39_Pile Ammo
Cal_7_92x57mm Ammo
Cal_7_92x57mm_5_bullets Ammo
Cal_7_92x57mm_AmmoboxClosed Ammo
Cal_7_92x57mm_AmmoboxOpen Ammo
Cal_7_92x57mm_Bullet Ammo
Cal_9mm Ammo
Cal_9mm_5_Bullets Ammo
Cal_9mm_AmmoboxClosed Ammo
Cal_9mm_AmmoboxOpen Ammo
Cal_9mm_empty Ammo
Cal20mm Ammo
Cal20mm_AmmoBoxClosed Ammo
Cal20mm_AmmoBoxOpen Ammo
Cal20mm_Empty Ammo
Cal22_Ammobox_Closed Ammo
Cal22_Ammobox_Open Ammo
Cal22_Bullet Ammo
Cal22_Empty Ammo
Cal22_Pile_5pcs Ammo
Cal30-06 Ammo
Cal30-06_5_bullets Ammo
Cal30-06_Ammobox_Closed Ammo
Cal30-06_Ammobox_Open Ammo
Cal30-06_Bullet Ammo
Cal45 Ammo
Cal45_AmmoboxClosed Ammo
Cal45_AmmoboxOpen Ammo
Cal45_Empty Ammo
Cal50 Ammo
Cal50_AmmoboxClosed Ammo
Cal50_AmmoboxOpen Ammo
Cal50_Empty Ammo
Cal500SW Ammo
Cal500SW_Ammoboxclosed Ammo
Cal500SW_AmmoboxOpen Ammo
Cal500SW_Empty Ammo
Cal7_62x39mm Ammo
Cal7_62x39mm_20_Pile Ammo
Cal7_62x39mm_5_bullets Ammo
Cal7_62x39mm_Ammobox_Closed Ammo
Cal7_62x39mm_Ammobox_Open Ammo
Cal7_62x39mm_Empty Ammo
Cal7_62x51mm Ammo
Cal7_62x51mm_Ammobox_Closed_2 Ammo
Cal7_62x51mm_Ammobox_Open_2 Ammo
Cal7_62x54mmR Ammo
Cal7_62x54mmR_5_bullets Ammo
Cal7_62x54mmR_Ammobox_Closed Ammo
Cal7_62x54mmR_Ammobox_Open Ammo
Cal7_62x54mmR_Empty Ammo
12_Gauge Ammo



Item-ID Type
Aviators Clothing
Balaclava Clothing
Bandana Clothing
Baseball_Cap_01 Clothing
Baseball_Cap_02 Clothing
Baseball_Cap_10 Clothing
Baseball_Cap_11 Clothing
Baseball_Cap_12 Clothing
Baseball_Cap_13 Clothing
Baseball_Cap_14 Clothing
Baseball_Cap_15 Clothing
Baseball_Cap_16 Clothing
Baseball_Cap_17 Clothing
Baseball_Cap_18 Clothing
Baseball_Cap_19 Clothing
Basic_Shirt Clothing
Bear_Head_Cap Clothing
Bear_Improvised_Jacket Clothing
Bear_Improvised_Pants Clothing
Bear_Shoe Clothing
Beenie_01 Clothing
Beenie_02 Clothing
Beenie_03 Clothing
Beenie_04 Clothing
Beenie_05 Clothing
Beenie_06 Clothing
Beenie_07 Clothing
Beenie_08 Clothing
Beenie_09 Clothing
Beenie_3_hole_01 Clothing
Beenie_3_hole_02 Clothing
Beenie_3_hole_03 Clothing
Beenie_3_hole_04 Clothing
Beenie_3_hole_05 Clothing
Beenie_3_hole_06 Clothing
Beenie_3_hole_07 Clothing
Beenie_3_hole_08 Clothing
Beenie_3_hole_09 Clothing
Beenie_Test_02 Clothing
Beret_Hat Clothing
Biker_Goggles Clothing
Biker_Hat Clothing
Biker_Sunglasses Clothing
Boonie_Hat_01 Clothing
Boonie_Hat_02 Clothing
Boonie_Hat_03 Clothing
Boonie_Hat_04 Clothing
Boonie_Hat_05 Clothing
Boonie_Hat_06 Clothing
Boonie_Hat_07 Clothing
Boonie_Hat_08 Clothing
Boonie_Hat_09 Clothing
Boonie_Hat_10 Clothing
Boonie_Hat_11 Clothing
Boonie_Hat_12 Clothing
Boonie_Hat_13 Clothing
Boonie_Hat_14 Clothing
Boonie_Hat_15 Clothing
Business_Pants Clothing
BusinessSuit Clothing
Camouflage_Jacket_01 Clothing
Camouflage_Jacket_02 Clothing
Camouflage_Jacket_03 Clothing
Cargo_Pants Clothing
Cateye_Sunglasses Clothing
College_Jacket_01 Clothing
College_Jacket_02 Clothing
College_Jacket_03 Clothing
College_Jacket_04 Clothing
College_Jacket_05 Clothing
College_Jacket_06 Clothing
College_Jacket_07 Clothing
College_Jacket_08 Clothing
CombatBoots Clothing
Cowboy_boots Clothing
Cowboy_Hat Clothing
Cuff_Beanie_Hat Clothing
Driving_Gloves_01 Clothing
Driving_Gloves_02 Clothing
Driving_Gloves_03 Clothing
Driving_Gloves_04 Clothing
Fake_Nose_And_Sunglasses Clothing
Fireman_Helmet_01 Clothing
Fireman_Helmet_02 Clothing
Fireman_Helmet_03 Clothing
Football_Helmet Clothing
Gas_Mask Clothing
Geek_Goggels Clothing
Ghillie_suit Clothing
Goalie_Helmet Clothing
HighTop_Shoes Clothing
Hiking_Backpack_01 Clothing
Hiking_Backpack_02 Clothing
Hiking_Backpack_03 Clothing
Hiking_Backpack_04 Clothing
Hiking_Backpack_05 Clothing
Hiking_Backpack_06 Clothing
Hiking_Backpack_07 Clothing
Hiking_Backpack_08 Clothing
Hiking_Boots_01 Clothing
Hiking_Boots_02 Clothing
Hiking_Boots_03 Clothing
Hiking_Boots_04 Clothing
Hippie_pants_01_01 Clothing
Hippie_pants_01_02 Clothing
Hippie_pants_01_03 Clothing
Hippie_pants_01_04 Clothing
Hippie_pants_02_01 Clothing
Hippie_Pants_02_02 Clothing
Hippie_Pants_02_03 Clothing
Hippie_Pants_02_04 Clothing
Hippie_Shirt_01 Clothing
Hippie_Shirt_02 Clothing
Hoodie Clothing
Hoodie_01 Clothing
Hoodie_02 Clothing
Hoodie_03 Clothing
Hoodie_04 Clothing
Hoodie_05 Clothing
Horror_Goalie_Mask Clothing
Improvised_Shoe_02 Clothing
Improvised_Shoes_01 Clothing
Inmate_pants Clothing
Inmate_shirt Clothing
Jacket_01 Clothing
Jeans_01_01 Clothing
Jeans_01_02 Clothing
Jeans_01_03 Clothing
Jeans_02_01 Clothing
Jeans_02_02 Clothing
Jeans_02_03 Clothing
Jeans_02_04 Clothing
Jeans_02_05 Clothing
Jeans_02_06 Clothing
Jeans_02_07 Clothing
Jeans_02_08 Clothing
Jeans_02_09 Clothing
Jeans_Jacket Clothing
Jersey_01 Clothing
Jersey_02 Clothing
Jersey_03 Clothing
Jersey_04 Clothing
Jersey_05 Clothing
Jersey_06 Clothing
Jersey_07 Clothing
Jersey_08 Clothing
Jersey_09 Clothing
Jock_Jacket_01 Clothing
Jock_Jacket_02 Clothing
Jock_Jacket_03 Clothing
Leather_Jacket Clothing
Leather_Pants Clothing
Leather_Sheet Clothing
Leather_Shoes Clothing
Leather_Strip Clothing
Long_Johns Clothing
Marine_Cap_01 Clothing
Marine_Cap_02 Clothing
Marine_Cap_03 Clothing
Marine_Cap_04 Clothing
Marine_Cap_05 Clothing
Marine_Cap_06 Clothing
Marine_Cap_07 Clothing
Marine_Cap_08 Clothing
Military_Cap_01 Clothing
Military_Cap_02 Clothing
Military_Cap_03 Clothing
Military_Cap_04 Clothing
Military_Cap_05 Clothing
Military_Cap_06 Clothing
Military_Goggles Clothing
Military_Shirt_01 Clothing
Military_Shirt_02 Clothing
Military_Shirt_03 Clothing
Military_Shirt_04 Clothing
Military_Shirt_05 Clothing
Military_Shirt_06 Clothing
Military_Shirt_07 Clothing
Military_Shirt_08 Clothing
MilitaryBoots_JNA Clothing
MilitaryBoots_Peace Clothing
MilitaryPants_02 Clothing
MilitaryPants_03 Clothing
MilitaryPants_04 Clothing
MilitaryPants_05 Clothing
MilitaryPants_06 Clothing
MilitaryPants_07 Clothing
MMA_Glove Clothing
Motorbike_Helmet Clothing
Muscle_T_Shirt Clothing
Neoprene_Face_Mask Clothing
Ninja_Suit Clothing
Open_Finger_Gloves_01 Clothing
Open_Finger_Gloves_02 Clothing
Open_Finger_Gloves_03 Clothing
Open_Finger_Gloves_04 Clothing
Pants_Poop_01 Clothing
Pants_Poop_02 Clothing
Pants_Poop_03 Clothing
Pants_Poop_04 Clothing
Pants_Poop_05 Clothing
Pants_Poop_06 Clothing
Pants_Poop_07 Clothing
Police_Belt Clothing
Police_Cap_01 Clothing
Police_Complet_Test Clothing
Police_Tact_Duty_Vest Clothing
Police_Zombie_02_Test Clothing
Police_Zombie_Boots Clothing
Police_Zombie_Glove Clothing
Police_Zombie_helmet Clothing
Police_Zombie_helmet2 Clothing
Police_Zombie_Pants Clothing
Puffer_Jacket Clothing
Raincoat_Down_01 Clothing
Raincoat_Down_02 Clothing
Raincoat_Down_03 Clothing
Raincoat_Down_04 Clothing
Raincoat_Down_05 Clothing
Raincoat_Down_06 Clothing
Raincoat_Up_01 Clothing
Raincoat_Up_02 Clothing
Raincoat_Up_03 Clothing
Raincoat_Up_04 Clothing
Raincoat_Up_05 Clothing
Raincoat_Up_06 Clothing
Reflective_Arm_Bands Clothing
Respirator_01 Clothing
Round_Sunglasses Clothing
Safety_Helmet Clothing
Santa_Glove Clothing
Shirt_01 Clothing
Shirt_02 Clothing
Shirt_03 Clothing
Shorts_Pants_01 Clothing
Shorts_Pants_02 Clothing
Shorts_Pants_03 Clothing
Shorts_Pants_04 Clothing
Shorts_Pants_05 Clothing
Shorts_Pants_06 Clothing
Shorts_Pants_07 Clothing
Shorts_Pants_08 Clothing
Shorts_Pants_09 Clothing
Shorts_Pants_10 Clothing
Skateboard_Helmet Clothing
Ski_Coat Clothing
Slippers_01 Clothing
Small_Leather_Backpack_01 Clothing
Small_Leather_Backpack_02 Clothing
Small_Leather_Backpack_03 Clothing
Sneakers_02_01 Clothing
Sneakers_02_02 Clothing
Sneakers_02_03 Clothing
Sneakers_02_04 Clothing
Socks Clothing
Spartan_Helmet Clothing
Sport_Sunglasses Clothing
Sweater_01 Clothing
Sweater_02 Clothing
Sweater_03 Clothing
Sweater_04 Clothing
Sweater_05 Clothing
Swimsuit_cap Clothing
T_Shirt Clothing
Tactical_Gloves_01 Clothing
Tactical_Gloves_02 Clothing
Tactical_Gloves_03 Clothing
Tactical_Gloves_04 Clothing
Tactical_Gloves_05 Clothing
Tactical_Gloves_06 Clothing
Tactical_Gloves_07 Clothing
Tactical_Gloves_08 Clothing
Tactical_Gloves_09 Clothing
Tactical_Jacket_01 Clothing
Tactical_Jacket_02 Clothing
Tactical_Jacket_03 Clothing
Tactical_Jacket_04 Clothing
Tactical_Jacket_05 Clothing
Tactical_Jacket_06 Clothing
Tactical_Jacket_07 Clothing
Tactical_Jacket_08 Clothing
Tactical_Jacket_09 Clothing
Tactical_Military_Pants Clothing
Tactical_Shirt Clothing
Tactical_Sunglasses Clothing
Tactical_Sweater_01 Clothing
Tactical_Sweater_02 Clothing
Tactical_Sweater_03 Clothing
Tactical_Sweater_04 Clothing
Tactical_Sweater_05 Clothing
Tactical_Sweater_06 Clothing
Tactical_Sweater_07 Clothing
Tactical_Sweater_08 Clothing
Tracksuit_Pants_01_01 Clothing
Tracksuit_Pants_01_02 Clothing
Tracksuit_Pants_01_03 Clothing
Tracksuit_Pants_01_04 Clothing
Tracksuit_Pants_01_05 Clothing
Tracksuit_Pants_02_01 Clothing
Tracksuit_Pants_02_02 Clothing
Tracksuit_Pants_02_03 Clothing
Tracksuit_Pants_02_04 Clothing
Tracksuit_Pants_02_05 Clothing
Tracksuit_Top_01_01 Clothing
Tracksuit_Top_01_02 Clothing
Tracksuit_Top_01_03 Clothing
Tracksuit_Top_01_04 Clothing
Tracksuit_Top_01_05 Clothing
Tracksuit_Top_02_01 Clothing
Tracksuit_Top_02_02 Clothing
Tracksuit_Top_02_03 Clothing
Tracksuit_Top_02_04 Clothing
Tracksuit_Top_02_05 Clothing
Travel_Sunglasses Clothing
Trucker_Jacket_01 Clothing
Trucker_Jacket_02 Clothing
Trucker_Jacket_03 Clothing
Trucker_Jacket_04 Clothing
Underwear Clothing
Vest_01_01 Clothing
Vest_01_02 Clothing
Vest_01_03 Clothing
Vest_01_04 Clothing
Vest_01_05 Clothing
Wellingtons Clothing
WifeBeaterShirt Clothing
Winter_Beanie Clothing
Winter_Boots Clothing
Winter_Gloves Clothing
Winter_Hat Clothing
Woodcutter_Shirt_01 Clothing
Woodcutter_Shirt_02 Clothing
Woodcutter_Shirt_03 Clothing
Work_Jacket_01 Clothing
Work_Jacket_02 Clothing
Work_Jacket_03 Clothing
Working_Boots Clothing
Working_Gloves Clothing
Working_pants_01 Clothing
Working_pants_02 Clothing
Working_pants_03 Clothing
WorkPants_01 Clothing
WorkPants_02 Clothing
WorkPants_03 Clothing
Zombie_Baseball_Cap_12 Clothing
Zombie_Baseball_Cap_18 Clothing
Zombie_Beenie_02 Clothing
Zombie_Beenie_07 Clothing
Zombie_Boonie_Hat_13 Clothing
Zombie_Boonie_Hat_14 Clothing
Zombie_Boonie_Hat_15 Clothing
Zombie_Camouflage_Jacket_01 Clothing
Zombie_College_Jacket_05 Clothing
Zombie_Driving_Gloves_03 Clothing
Zombie_Driving_Gloves_04 Clothing
Zombie_Hippie_Pants_01_03 Clothing
Zombie_Hippie_Pants_02_01 Clothing
Zombie_Hoodie_02 Clothing
Zombie_Improvised_Shoe_02 Clothing
Zombie_Inmate_pants Clothing
Zombie_Inmate_shirt Clothing
Zombie_Jacket_01 Clothing
Zombie_Jeans_01_01 Clothing
Zombie_Jeans_01_02 Clothing
Zombie_Jeans_01_03 Clothing
Zombie_Jeans_02_01 Clothing
Zombie_Jeans_02_03 Clothing
Zombie_Jeans_02_06 Clothing
Zombie_Jeans_02_08 Clothing
Zombie_Jersey_02 Clothing
Zombie_Jock_Jacket_01 Clothing
Zombie_Jock_Jacket_03 Clothing
Zombie_MA1_Spitfire_02 Clothing
Zombie_MA1_Spitfire_04 Clothing
Zombie_Marine_Cap_01 Clothing
Zombie_Marine_Cap_06 Clothing
Zombie_Military_Shirt_02 Clothing
Zombie_MilitaryPants_01 Clothing
Zombie_MilitaryPants_02 Clothing
Zombie_MilitaryPants_04 Clothing
Zombie_MilitaryPants_06 Clothing
Zombie_Open_Finger_Gloves_01 Clothing
Zombie_Open_Finger_Gloves_02 Clothing
Zombie_Police_Cap_01 Clothing
Zombie_Raincoat_Down_01 Clothing
Zombie_Raincoat_Up_04 Clothing
Zombie_Shirt_01 Clothing
Zombie_Shirt_02 Clothing
Zombie_Shirt_03 Clothing
Zombie_Shorts_Pants_04 Clothing
Zombie_Shorts_Pants_07 Clothing
Zombie_Sweater_03 Clothing
Zombie_Tactical_Gloves_03 Clothing
Zombie_Tactical_Gloves_07 Clothing
Zombie_Tactical_Jacket_01 Clothing
Zombie_Tactical_Jacket_05 Clothing
Zombie_Tactical_Sweater_06 Clothing
Zombie_Tracksuit_Pants_01_01 Clothing
Zombie_Tracksuit_Pants_01_02 Clothing
Zombie_Tracksuit_Pants_02_01 Clothing
Zombie_Tracksuit_Pants_02_02 Clothing
Zombie_Tracksuit_Pants_02_03 Clothing
Zombie_Tracksuit_Top_01_03 Clothing
Zombie_Tracksuit_Top_02_01 Clothing
Zombie_Trucker_Jacket_02 Clothing
Zombie_Vest_01_02 Clothing
Zombie_Waist_Bag_Small_01 Clothing
Zombie_Woodcutter_Shirt_01 Clothing
Zombie_Woodcutter_Shirt_03 Clothing
Zombie_Work_Jacket_01 Clothing
Zombie_Work_Jacket_02 Clothing
Zombie_Working_pants_01 Clothing
Zombie_Working_pants_02 Clothing
Zombie_Working_pants_03 Clothing
Zombie_WorkPants Clothing
Zombie_WorkPants_03 Clothing
Assault_Vest Armor
Bulletproof_test Armor
Bulletproof_Vest_01 Armor
Bulletproof_Vest_02 Armor
Bulletproof_Vest_03 Armor
Bulletproof_Vest_04 Armor
Bulletproof_Vest_05 Armor
Bulletproof_Vest_06 Armor
Heavy_Ballistic_Armor Armor
Riot_Helmet Armor
Riot_Helmet2 Armor
VIP_Stab_Proof_Vest Armor
Military_Helmet_01 Armour
Military_Helmet_02 Armour
Military_Helmet_03 Armour
Military_Helmet_04 Armour
Military_Helmet_05 Armour
Military_Helmet_06 Armour
Military_Helmet_07 Armour
Military_Helmet_08 Armour
Military_Helmet_09 Armour
Night_Vision Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Down_01 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Down_02 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Down_03 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Down_04 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Down_05 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Down_06 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Down_07 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Down_08 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Down_09 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Up_01 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Up_02 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Up_03 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Up_04 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Up_05 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Up_06 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Up_07 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Up_08 Armour
Night_Vision_Helmet_Up_09 Armour
NightVisionGoggles_Test Armour
NightVisionGoggles2_Test Armour
NightVisionGoggles3_test Armour
SpecOps_Helmet Armour
Stabproof_Vest_01 Armour
Stabproof_Vest_02 Armour
Stabproof_Vest_03 Armour
Stabproof_Vest_04 Armour
Stabproof_Vest_05 Armour
Stabproof_Vest_06 Armour
Stabproof_Vest_07 Armour
Stabproof_Vest_08 Armour
Stabproof_Vest_09 Armour
WW2_German_Helmet Armour
WW2_US_Helmet Armour



Item-ID Type
Adrenaline_Shot Medical
Aloe_Vera Medical
Anti_Radiation_Pils_01 Medical
Anti_Radiation_Pils_02 Medical
Anti_Radiation_Pils_03 Medical
Antibiotics_01 Medical
Antibiotics_02 Medical
Antibiotics_03 Medical
AntiMalariaPils_01 Medical
AntiMalariaPils_02 Medical
AntiMalariaPils_03 Medical
Antiparasitics_01 Medical
Antiparasitics_02 Medical
Antiparasitics_03 Medical
antipsychotic_Pils Medical
Aspirin Medical
BeePollen_Pils_01 Medical
BeePollen_Pils_02 Medical
BeePollen_Pils_03 Medical
Emergency_bandage Medical
Emergency_bandage_Big Medical
Painkillers_01 Medical
Painkillers_02 Medical
PainKillers_03 Medical
Penicillin01 Medical
PotassiumIodide_Pils_01 Medical
PotassiumIodide_Pils_02 Medical
PotassiumIodide_Pils_03 Medical
QuinineSulphate_Pils_01 Medical
QuinineSulphate_Pils_02 Medical
QuinineSulphate_Pils_03 Medical
Sedative Medical
Test_Bandage Medical
Vitamins_01 Medical
Vitamins_02 Medical
Vitamins_03 Medical



Item-ID Type
Absinthe Drink
Beer Drink
BeerCan Drink
Beet Drink
Can01 Drink
Can02 Drink
Can03 Drink
Can04 Drink
Juicebox Drink
Milk Drink
Moonshine Drink
Mulberry Drink
Tequila Drink
Vodka Drink
Water_05l Drink
Whiskey Drink
Wine Drink



Item-ID Type
Apple Food
Apple_2 Food
Apple_Pie Food
BabyFood Food
Bag_of_Almonds Food
Baked_meat Food
BakedBeans Food
BakeVegetables2 Food
Banana Food
Batteries Food
Beans_Stew_01 Food
Beans_Stew_02 Food
Bear_Steak Food
BeefRavioli Food
BeefStew Food
Bird_Breasts_Large Food
Bird_Breasts_Medium Food
Bird_Breasts_Small Food
Bird_Legs_Large Food
Bird_Legs_Medium Food
Bird_Legs_Small Food
Blackberry Food
BlackOlives Food
BlackPepper Food
Blueberries Food
Bread Food
Broccoli Food
Buckwheat_grains Food
Burger Food
Burger_PATTIES Food
Butter Food
Cabbage Food
Cake Food
Canned_Corn Food
Canned_Tuna Food
CannedCatfood Food
CannedDogFood Food
CannedFood1 Food
CannedFood2 Food
CannedFruitCoctail Food
CannedGoulash Food
CannedPeach Food
CannedPear Food
CannedPeas Food
CannedSardine Food
CannedSpaghetti Food
CanningFood Food
CantaloupeMelon Food
CantaloupeMelon_Slice Food
Cantonese_Sweet_And_sour_01 Food
Cantonese_Sweet_And_sour_02 Food
Carrot Food
Cauliflower Food
Celery Food
Cereal_BunnyStars Food
Cereal_UpNGo Food
Cheese Food
ChickenMeat Food
Chicory Food
Chili_con_Carne_Preparation Food
Chilipeper Food
Chilli_Con_Carne_01 Food
Chilli_Con_Carne_02 Food
Chips Food
Chips2 Food
Chips3 Food
Chips4 Food
Chocolate_Milk Food
ChocolateCandy_01 Food
ChocolateCandy_03 Food
ChocolateCandy_04 Food
ChocolateCandy_05 Food
ChocolateCandy_06 Food
ChocolateCandy_07 Food
ChocolateCandy_08 Food
ChocolateCandy_09 Food
ChocolateCandy_10 Food
ChocolateCandy_11 Food
Chow_Mein Food
Coconut Food
Cooked_egg Food
Cooked_Pasta_01 Food
Cooked_Pasta_02 Food
Cooked_potato Food
Cooked_Rice Food
Cooked_Vegetables_01 Food
CookEgg1 Food
CookEgg2 Food
CookVegetables2 Food
Corn Food
Corn_flakes Food
Crab_Apple Food
Crackers Food
Cream Food
Cricket Food
Cucumber Food
Currant Food
Dandelion Food
Date Food
Deer_Steak Food
Diary Food
Doe_01_Steak Food
Dog_Steak Food
Donkey_Steak Food
DuckMeat Food
Earthworm Food
Egg Food
Energy_Drink Food
Fig Food
FishFreshwater Food
Fried_Egg_01 Food
Fried_Egg_02 Food
Garlic Food
Goat_Steak Food
GooseMeat Food
GrapeFruit Food
Grapes_Raw Food
Hazelnuts Food
Honeycomb Food
Horse_Steak Food
Human_Sausages_01 Food
Human_Steak Food
Instant_OatMeal Food
Kiwi Food
Larve Food
Lemon Food
Lime Food
Mango Food
MeatSnack_01 Food
MeatSnack_02 Food
MRE_Cheeseburger Food
MRE_Stew Food
MRE_TunaSalad Food
Oak_Nuts Food
Olives Food
Onion Food
Orange Food
Oysters Food
Pancakes Food
Parsley Food
Parsnips_roots Food
Pasta Food
Pastry Food
Pate_01 Food
Pate_02 Food
Peach Food
Pear Food
PheasantMeat Food
Pigeon_Breasts Food
Pineapple Food
Pizza Food
Popcorn_01 Food
Popcorn_02 Food
Pork_Steak Food
Pot_meat Food
Potato Food
RabbitMeat Food
RatMeat Food
Rice Food
RodentMeat Food
Salted_fish_01 Food
Salted_fish_02 Food
Salted_meat_01 Food
Salted_meat_02 Food
Sausages Food
Seagull_Breasts Food
SeaWaterFish Food
Sheep_Steak Food
Skewer_Meat Food
Skewer_Meat_small Food
Skewer_Vegetables Food
Smoked_Bear_Steak Food
Smoked_BirdMeat Food
Smoked_Boar_Steak Food
Smoked_Cat_Steak Food
Smoked_ChickenMeat Food
Smoked_Deer_Steak Food
Smoked_Dog_Steak Food
Smoked_DuckMeat Food
Smoked_Goat_Steak Food
Smoked_GooseMeat Food
Smoked_Human_Sausages Food
Smoked_Human_Steak Food
Smoked_PheasantMeat Food
Smoked_Pork_Steak Food
Smoked_RabbitMeat Food
Smoked_RatMeat Food
Smoked_RodentMeat Food
Smoked_Sausages Food
Smoked_Sheep_Steak Food
Smoked_Veal_Steak Food
Sodium_Hydroxide Food
Soup_01 Food
Soup_02 Food
SoySauce Food
Spaghetti_Bolognese Food
Spaghetti_bolognese_02 Food
Spam Food
SpicesMix_01 Food
SpicesMix_02 Food
Steak_With_Potatoes_01 Food
Steak_With_Potatoes_02 Food
Stew1 Food
Stew2 Food
StewPreparation Food
Stinging_Nettle Food
Sugar Food
SugarBeet Food
Sunflower_Seeds Food
Swan_Breasts Food
Tangerine Food
Toast Food
Toaster_Pastries Food
Toaster_Pastries2 Food
Tomato Food
TomatoPelate Food
TomatoSouce Food
Veal_Steak Food
VegetableOil Food
Vinegar Food
Walnut Food
Watermelon Food
Watermelon_slice Food
White_Duck_Breasts Food
White_Duck_Legs Food
White_Mustard Food
WhiteFlour Food
Wild_Cherry Food
Wild_Strawberry Food
Wolf_Steak Food
Yeast Food
ZombieMeat Food
Zucchini Food



Item-ID Type
Assault_Backpack Container
Assault_Backpack1 Container
Backpack_01_01 Container
Backpack_01_02 Container
Backpack_01_03 Container
Backpack_01_04 Container
Backpack_01_05 Container
Backpack_01_06 Container
Backpack_01_07 Container
Backpack_01_08 Container
Backpack_01_09 Container
Backpack_02_01 Container
Backpack_02_02 Container
Backpack_02_03 Container
Backpack_02_04 Container
Backpack_02_05 Container
Backpack_02_06 Container
Backpack_02_07 Container
Backpack_02_08 Container
Backpack_02_09 Container
Backpack_02_10 Container
Backpack_02_11 Container
Backpack_02_12 Container
Backpack_02_13 Container
Backpack_02_14 Container
Camo_Backpack_01 Container
Camo_Backpack_02 Container
Camo_Backpack_03 Container
Camo_Backpack_04 Container
Camo_Backpack_05 Container
Duffle_Bag Container
Fastdraw_Holster Container
Gun_Holster Container
Gym_Bag Container
Holster_Leg_Test Container
Improvised_Backpack_Big Container
Improvised_Bag_Small_01 Container
Improvised_Bag_Small_02 Container
Improvised_Pouch Container
Improvised_Water_container Container
Improvised_Wooden_Box Container
Rucksack Container
School_Backpack_boy_01 Container
School_Backpack_Boy_02 Container
School_Backpack_Boy_03 Container
School_Backpack_Girl_01 Container
School_Backpack_Girl_02 Container
School_Backpack_Girl_03 Container
Shepherds_Purse Container
Sport_Backpack Container
TEST_Morph_Backpack Container
TestBackpack Container
Waist_Bag_Large Container
Waist_Bag_Small_01 Container
Waist_Bag_Small_02 Container
Waist_Bag_Small_03 Container



Item-ID Type
Bundle_Of_Rags Misc
Bundle_Rag_Stripes Misc
Bundle_Wooden_Plank Misc
Bush_Branches Misc
Candle_01 Misc
CanOpener Misc
Canteen Misc
Cantharellus_Cibarius Misc
Car_Battery Misc
Car_Battery_Cables Misc
Carbon_Electrodes Misc
Charcoal Misc
Cigarettes Misc
Cigarettes1 Misc
Common_01 Misc
Common_02 Misc
Common_03 Misc
Copper_Coins Misc
Copper_Strip Misc
Coprinus_Comatus Misc
Dr_Gl Misc
Duct_Tape Misc
Electrician_Tools Misc
ExtremelyRare_01 Misc
ExtremelyRare_02 Misc
ExtremelyRare_03 Misc
Fire_deflector_shield Misc
Fire_Hand_Drill_new Misc
Fireplace1 Misc
Fireplace2 Misc
Fish_trap Misc
Fishing_hook Misc
Fishing_rod Misc
Fistula_Hepatica Misc
Flint_And_Steel Misc
Ganoderma_Lucidum Misc
Gasoline_Canister Misc
Gear Misc
GlassBottle01 Misc
GlassBottle02 Misc
GlassBottle03 Misc
GlassBottle04 Misc
Glue Misc
Grill Misc
GuavaHalves Misc
Gun_Powder Misc
Hammock Misc
Hand_Drill Misc
Hen_Torso Misc
Improvised_compass Misc
Improvised_Plant_rope Misc
Improvised_rope Misc
Inonotus_Obliquus Misc
Isopropyl_alcohol Misc
Jar Misc
Jar_02 Misc
Kitchen_Board_01 Misc
Kitchen_Board_02 Misc
Lead_Plate Misc
Lighter Misc
Lockpick Misc
Long_wooden_stick Misc
Magnifying_Glass Misc
Magnifying_Glass1 Misc
Matches Misc
Metal_Scrap_01 Misc
Metal_Scrap_02 Misc
Metal_Scrap_03 Misc
Metal_Scrap_04 Misc
Metal_Scrap_05 Misc
Military_Pack_Big_Blue Misc
Mosin_nagant Misc
MOtherboard Misc
Nails Misc
Needle Misc
Pan Misc
Paper Misc
Parachute Misc
Pelinkovac Misc
PETBottle01 Misc
PETBottle02 Misc
PETBottle03 Misc
PETBottle04 Misc
Pine_Cone Misc
Portable_Gas_Stove Misc
Pot1 Misc
Pot2 Misc
Psilocybe_Cyanescens Misc
Rag_Stripes Misc
Rag_Stripes_Dirty Misc
Rags_Dirty Misc
Rags1 Misc
Ramsons Misc
Rare_01 Misc
Rare_02 Misc
Rare_03 Misc
Ribwort_plantain Misc
Rope1 Misc
Rubber_band Misc
Rubber_sheet Misc
Safety_pin Misc
Salsify_roots Misc
Salted_fish_Barrel_01 Misc
Salted_meat_barrel_01 Misc
Santa Misc
Saw Misc
Scissors_01 Misc
Scissors_Plastic Misc
SeaSalt_01 Misc
SeaSalt_02 Misc
Sewing_kit Misc
Shelter Misc
Silver_Strip Misc
Skewer Misc
Skewer_02 Misc
Smartphone_Battery Misc
Spoon Misc
Spring Misc
Steel_Fork Misc
Stone Misc
Stone_Large Misc
Stone_Small Misc
Super_Glue Misc
Tepee Misc
Test_Paper Misc
Thread Misc
Tinder Misc
Tool_Box Misc
Tool_Box_SMall Misc
Torch Misc
Tree_Bark Misc
Trip_wire_dead_fall_for_large_animals Misc
Uncommon_01 Misc
Uncommon_02 Misc
Uncommon_03 Misc
V_mask Misc
VeryRare_01 Misc
VeryRare_02 Misc
VeryRare_03 Misc
Wire Misc
Wooden_Fork Misc
Wooden_Log_01 Misc
Wooden_Log_02 Misc
Wooden_Log_Small_01 Misc
Wooden_Log_Small_02 Misc
Wooden_Log_Small_03 Misc
Wooden_Plank Misc
Wooden_Spoon Misc
Wooden_Stick Misc
Wooden_Sticks_Bundle_Large Misc
Wooden_Sticks_Bundle_Meduim Misc



Item-ID Type
Animal_Bone_Big Animal
Animal_Bone_SMall Animal
Animal_skin Animal
Animal_Skin_Jacket Animal
Animal_Skin_Pants Animal
Bear_Back_Paws Animal
Bear_Front_Paws Animal
Bear_Head Animal
Bear_Left_Back_Leg Animal
Bear_Left_Front_Leg Animal
Bear_Left_Torso_Half Animal
Bear_Pow Animal
Bear_Pow_One_Hand Animal
Bear_Pow_Shoe Animal
Bear_Right_Back_Leg Animal
Bear_Right_Front_Leg Animal
Bear_Right_Torso_Half Animal
Bear_Skinned Animal
Bear_Torso Animal
Big_Animal_Fat Animal
Big_Animal_guts Animal
Bird_Skinned_Large Animal
Bird_Skinned_Medium Animal
Bird_Skinned_Small Animal
Boar_Back_Leg Animal
Boar_Front_Leg Animal
Boar_head Animal
Boar_Hooves_Back Animal
Boar_Hooves_front Animal
Boar_Skinned Animal
Boar_Torso Animal
Bone Animal
Buck_Antlers Animal
Buck_Head Animal
Buck_Left_Back_Leg Animal
Buck_Left_Front_Leg Animal
Buck_Right_Back_Leg Animal
Buck_Right_Front_Leg Animal
Buck_Skinned Animal
Buck_Torso Animal
Crab_Left_Pincer Animal
Crab_Legs Animal
Crab_Right_Pincer Animal
Crab_Torso Animal
Crow_Breasts Animal
Crow_Legs Animal
Crow_Skinned Animal
Doe_Head Animal
Doe_Left_Back_Leg Animal
Doe_Left_Front_Leg Animal
Doe_Right_Back_Leg Animal
Doe_Right_Front_Leg Animal
Doe_Skinned Animal
Doe_Torso Animal
Dog_Rose Animal
Donkey_Back_Leg Animal
Donkey_Front_Leg Animal
Donkey_Head Animal
Donkey_skinned Animal
Donkey_Torso Animal
Goat_Back_Limb Animal
Goat_Front_Limb Animal
Goat_Head Animal
Goat_Horns Animal
Goat_Skinned Animal
Goat_Torso Animal
Horse_Back_Limb Animal
Horse_Front_Limb Animal
Horse_Head Animal
Horse_Skinned Animal
Horse_Torso Animal
Horse_Torso_Half Animal
Pigeon_Legs Animal
Pigeon_Skinned Animal
Prisoner_Head Animal
Prisoner_Left_Arm Animal
Prisoner_Left_Foot Animal
Prisoner_Left_Leg Animal
Prisoner_Right_Arm Animal
Prisoner_Right_Foot Animal
Prisoner_Right_Leg Animal
Prisoner_Torso Animal
Rabbit_Left_Back Animal
Rabbit_Left_Front Animal
Rabbit_Right_Back Animal
Rabbit_Right_Front Animal
Rabbit_Skinned Animal
Rat_Head Animal
Rat_torso Animal
Redneck_Rat Animal
Seagull_Legs Animal
Seagull_Skinned Animal
Small_Animal_Fat Animal
Small_Animal_guts Animal
Swan_Legs Animal
Swan_Skinned Animal
White_Duck_Skinned Animal
Wolf_Head Animal
Wolf_Left_Back_Leg Animal
Wolf_Left_Front_Leg Animal
Wolf_Right_Back_Leg Animal
Wolf_Right_Front_Leg Animal
Wolf_Skinned Animal
Wolf_Torso Animal
Zombie_01_Head Animal
Zombie_01_Left_Arm Animal
Zombie_01_Left_Foot Animal
Zombie_01_Left_Leg Animal
Zombie_01_Right_Arm Animal
Zombie_01_Right_Foot Animal
Zombie_01_Right_Leg Animal
Zombie_01_Torso Animal


Of course you can also spawn NPCs in SCUM. To do this, type in the text chat the command “#SpawnCharacter <NPC ID> <number>“. For example, if you want to spawn two Sentrys, just enter the “#SpawnCharacter BP_Sentry 2” command.


NPC-ID Beschreibung
BP_BaseComplexAnimal2 Doesn’t spawn anything
BP_Bear Spawns a bear
BP_Bear2 Spawns a bear
BP_Bird2 Spawns a Crow
BP_Boar Spawns a Boar
BP_Cat Not Available Yet
BP_Chicken Spawns a Chicken
BP_Cow2 Spawns a Bear, sounds like a cow
BP_Crab Not Available Yet
BP_Crow Spawns a Crow
BP_Deer Not Available Yet
BP_Deer2 Spawns a Stag
BP_Donkey2 Spawns a Donkey
BP_Drone Spawns a Drone
BP_Fish Not Available Yet
BP_Goat2 Spawns a Goat
BP_Hen Not Available Yet
BP_Horse2 Spawns a Horse
BP_Pig Spawns a Boar, sounds like a pig
BP_Pigeon Not Available Yet
BP_Prisoner Spawns Player Character Skin
BP_Rabbit Not Available Yet
BP_Rabbit2 Not Available Yet
BP_Rat2 Not Available Yet
BP_Raven Not Available Yet
BP_Seagull Spawns a Seagull
BP_Sentry Spawns a Sentry
BP_SentryWithThirdPersonView Not Available Yet
BP_Sheep2 Spawns a Goat, sounds like a sheep
BP_Snake Not Available Yet
BP_Swan Not Available Yet
BP_TestRabbit Not Available Yet
BP_WhiteDuck Not Available Yet
BP_Wolf Not Available Yet
BP_Wolf3 Spawns a Donkey, sounds like a wolf
BP_Zombie2 Spawns a Puppet
BP_Zombie2_Player Spawns a Puppet
BP_Zombie2_Test Spawns a Puppet
WildDuck Not Available Yet
ZF Not Available Yet
ZN Not Available Yet
ZS Not Available Yet


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