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After all the developer’s blogs of the survival game SCUM, where they dive deeper into every mechanic, E3 had something else to offer. As at the Devolver Digital conference the gameplay trailer of the open world got shared.

We are watching you

The core of SCUM will be the multiplayer open world where players will have to survive. However, when an event opens up, such as the cargo mode, players are able to run to the starting location to play the event.

Prisoners will need to survive on an island by using the survival mechanics, such as cooking and finding a shelter. However, as they are not the only ones they need to fight each other to win over the spectators. The trailer shows that these prisoners are monitored by drones, which record all the action. This gives enough footage for young and old to watch, as SCUM is seen as a tv-show. Because of this, season two of the show has already been started in which the government decided to keep using the dead prisoners. And yes, this are the creepy ncp’ers that will attack you on sight.

SCUM will be heading into Early Access in August with a price tag of 20 euro. However, the price will increase when the full game comes out approx one year later, as more content will be added along the way.



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