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A thoroughly crafted world of terror awaits as you get lost in fascination of radical design at its finest, that is Scorn; an upcoming new IP from Ebb Software for survival-horror and first-person shooter fans alike to get their hands on. Set in a uniquely visceral organic world, where death seems to be its main theme, you’ll fight to survive in this never before seen gameplay trailer.

A living and breathing planet

Dried mass of organic matter fills the barren wasteland on the horizon, as the view slowly descends into a tunnel leading to what seems like an underground flesh base. We find our main character waiting at a slide door deep within the unknown tunnels. As he opens the door with a keycard riddled with alien-like insignia carvings, he started looking for a room in the depths of the tunnels. He injects his keycard for some sort of upgrade or changes. Shortly, after he leaves, a subtle figure of a fowl is then seen on the other side of the tunnel.

Scorn gameplay trailer
This little fella seems harmless.

Being introduced to us as a peculiar threat, it turns out this strange looking fella is harmless. Close by, we can see another one of these weird looking creatures. Sadly, this one was dead and It was being dragged along by this nasty-looking monstrosity. In a panic, the game gave us a peek of its rather organic weaponry we will need for such threats.

The monsters on the next hall proved to be a threat, and so the shooting began. Switching from a handgun to a gauge shotgun, satisfying sound effects of the weaponry is present as the combat gameplay is unveiled to us. Through numerous fight scenes and eerie environment, the trailer concluded with questions given for us to find out.

The trailer promises a breath of fresh air we haven’t had for some time in the slow paced first-person horror genre. Scorn sings out an atmosphere as death poetry in motion.


SOURCEScorn Trailer via Youtube
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