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The creators of the impressive and ambitious dinosaur survival simulator Saurian are getting closer and closer to their public Early Access release date. However recently developers, Urvogel Games, announced that some lucky Kickstarter pledgees are going to get a sneak peek pre-release sooner than expected!

Donation Perks

Over the last couple of weeks, Saurian developers have promised any backers who have pledged $60 or more to the title’s Kickstarter campaign a pre-release demo on the 8th of June 2017. This special perk will showcase an NPC interaction, Environment tour and a chance for a 1v1 against another dinosaur.

The NPC interaction will allow the generous backer to observe some of the A.I animals interacting with one another and their surroundings via a free moving camera. Fly over a delicate prehistoric paradise and watch natural selection take place! The Environment showcase, on the other hand, will allow the player to freely explore a small piece of terrain without the interruption or worry of present dinosaurs. In this preview, the player will be able to observe the world’s day and night cycle and take an up close and personal look at the flora without any bothersome fauna.

Finally, the pledgee will be given the chance to play out a scene as a hungry Dakotaraptor attempting to make a meal out of a hard-headed Pachycephalosaurus. The developers did state that the combat will be rudimentary and does not resemble the final product. However this will give players a basic understanding of the Early Access combat system.

This pre-release idea seems like a fair and fun way to reward the hardcore backers. With a list of great extras to explore, we look forward to seeing videos of people playing this Saurian pre-release bonus.



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