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Saurian is an upcoming open-world dinosaur simulation game being developed by Urvogel Games. Take control of a dinosaur and try to hunt, forage and survive in the immersive Eco-system of the Hell Creek Formation. Saurian is scheduled for an Early Access release on PC some time in early 2017. It is constantly being updated and improved by its creators. As of late, Urvogel Games seems to be focusing on environmental optimisation and A.I. systems.

DevLog #15

Saurian’s Project Coordinator and Tech Artist, Erin Summer, has been hard at work optimising the prehistoric environment. She states that the extreme density of the world’s vegetation and flora has made improvement a real challenge. But with the help of her co-developers, Erin believes they have made real progress on plant optimisation and integration with their A.I. systems. Although not quite ready to be shown off fully, Urvogel Games was able to provide an image of the new and improved plant-life. It will all be more refined by the time Saurian hits Early Access.

Environment Optimisation.
A better and more beautiful environment for Saurian.

A.I. Programmer Henry Meyers has been working on a scent and tracking feature for the dinosaurs. He aims to allow players to sniff as their selected dino and follow a visible scent trail left by prey or predator. Your ability to sense and sniff surroundings will be affected by other factors such as weather, age and proximity. Henry states that the concept is still in the very early stages of development and far from its final form. The complexity and detail of the system will continue to grow with the game. Below is a sneak peek at the first stages of the Saurian scent tracking system.

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