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Let’s start by getting the bad news out of the way; the highly anticipated Early Access release of Saurian has been delayed until the Q2 of 2017 by the developer Urvogel Games. However, it seems that the dinosaur survival simulator was put on hold for good intentions, which we will get to shortly. Don’t worry fans, the developers didn’t want to leave you hanging and have instead released a gameplay video.

Why the New Early Access Date?

The announcement of a postponed Early Access date is not meant to disappointment fans — it’s meant do the exact opposite in fact. Urvogel Games have revealed on their official website that several of the game’s key systems are not yet completed. To name a couple; the ontogeny system (the growth of a hatchling to an adult dino) and the integration of music and sound effects. The developers didn’t feel comfortable releasing a semi-optimal game that would be buggier than any Early Access title should be. Their new estimated release date is for the second quarter of 2017.

However, these are not the only features left to be polished. The team want nothing but the best for their players and have several more items left on their list:

  • Optimisation: They would like the game to be as widely available to all computer owners as possible. This means better optimisation for dense plant life and A.I dinos – ensuring the game runs smoothly and successfully for all.
  • Balance – To provide the most exciting gaming experience possible, the developers want to make some more adjustments to the gameplay for better balance. Features like the combat, raptor prey restraint, climbing, general handling and A.I behaviors (running, fighting, eating, drinking, rest, etc) are all in further development.
  • Bugs – Although bugs can sometimes lead to some funny floating models, Urvogel Games are not willing to take risks with potentially game breaking glitches. The company will use the additional time from the delay to make sure there are as little errors as possible in the Early Access release.

The developers have apologised profusely and ask that you keep an open mind. They are eager to keep everyone up to date with development news and breakthroughs in their bi-weekly devblogs.

AI Gameplay Footage

Now for the good part! Urvogel Games have treated us to some special in-game footage of an A.I dinosaur in action with a little commentary on top discussing game development. Some of the playable dinosaurs available to choose from so far are the Dakotaraptor, Triceratops and T-Rex, with many more both in the works and ready for the Early Access release. Close your eyes and become a ravenous dino roaming six major biomes within Hell Creek looking for food and shelter. Will you choose to be the hunter or the hunted?

Editor’s Notes

We all know how annoying and disappointing delays can be. You hear about a game, see all these exciting updates (the screenshots, trailers, gameplay vids, etc) and now there’s news of a pushed back release date. It’s as if your life has been turned upside down and you feel like your support on their Kickstarter went unappreciated. However, did you consider that the developers feel the same way? They are just as frustrated and disappointed as you are.

Urvogel Games want nothing more than to please their fans and make them happy. Here they are gearing up for the release when all of a sudden, countless errors come to the forefront. No one wants to play a beta game with tons of bugs and missing features. We should be grateful that Urvogel Games are willing to take the time to smooth out their creases and aren’t just another money grabbing corporate machine. When Saurian is finally released into Early Access, we believe it will be a truly worthwhile game. Get ready to check it out!


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