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A new Rust developer update was released recently. In addition to many fixes and quality of life changes, this also brings a train and improved roads.

Update Overview: Yesterday a new Rust update was released on the staging branch. Also there are some interesting things in the development pipeline. This brings slight changes such as improved collision detection, but also tangible innovations such as a train or a new road system. You can find all patch notes here now!

More News & Updates about Rust

That’s in the new Rust update from January 15th

The most important content: This includes the changes that we personally consider to be the most powerful. So all the innovations that you can feel and see directly.

1. New train & metro system

In the work-in-progress area of ​​the Rust Update of the staging branch, we find an underground train. This is an underground worker’s wagon. On the first screenshot, you can also see it on the surface.

The train will get from A to B using a completely new rail network and can transport as many players as can fit on the loading area. With a little human Tetris, up to a dozen players can be transported through the metro and across the island. This network is intended to connect all the track sections of the Radtowns (monuments) that have been cut off so far and that have been leading nowhere for years.

However, you shouldn’t expect too much protection outside the driver’s cab. This has bulletproof glass, the loading area is only provided with rusty railings. However, there is no release date for this innovation yet.


2. Hapis Island expansion

In the developer update for Rust we also find new screenshots for the Rust Map Hapis Island. This is the only map that is built by hand. All other maps except for the Mars and Moon maps come from the generator. You can see clear progress on the screenshots:

3. Desert region is being revised

So far we only know that this region should be revised. A first screenshot seems to show a kind of oasis. Regions in Rust have been updated regularly since it first appeared on Steam. To find out which region has which influence on you and your base, click here!

4. HDRP style backport

This part of the development focuses on the visual appearance of Rust. Some improvements have been made here:

  • Car wrecks now spawn with different signs of use on the roadside depending on the region (snow-covered in the snowy area, moss in the temperate zone)
  • new textures for vegetation (arid)
  • added two new lootable garbage piles on the roadside.
  • Cars that belong to a pile of loops are now colored white to better distinguish them from the rust arbors on the roadside.
  • Adjustments to the LOD improved
  • arid rock textures
  • various bug fixes

Other changes in the Rust update

  • It is no longer possible to place objects on an auto turret
  • Bradley APC can no longer look through walls to chase you
  • The code lock on the Building Cupboard was moved slightly.
  • Blueprint for wood shopfronts is now activated by default.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented graphics settings from being adopted.

That wraps it up: That was all the important content of the current Rust update. You should find the changes already – or in the next few days – on the Rust Staging Branch. All in all, the entire change will probably take a few gigabytes to complete.

SOURCEShadowFrax via Youtube
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