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A new Rust update awaits you in February. This brings among other things drones, card games & more!

The update at a glance: The upcoming Rust content includes some new gameplay features, new remote-controlled suppliers, and various fixes. To clear up the confusion of some readers: Not all the announced contents make it into the update in the end. If something is missing, it is probably because it was simply moved.

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Rust Update Brings Drones & Card Games: What Does It Mean?

Drones in Rust: With the upcoming Rust update on February 4th, 2021, the new drones will be implemented in the survival game. Contrary to what many players and fans initially thought, they do not serve as weapons that are used against you or your enemies.

On the contrary, they are completely neutral at the time of introduction and do no harm to anyone. But they help everyone who pay them. The purpose of drones is namely to deliver raw materials to players. However, it can only be used in combination with the new marketplaces!

And this is how the drone delivery service works in Rust:

  • Build or go to a marketplace
  • Show all shops on the map
  • Choose the cheapest provider and order
  • At around 20 scrap you can have it delivered to you by a drone

So far this has only worked on the Rust test branch. As already mentioned, this change will appear on February 4th for everyone on the stable servers.


Card Games in Rust: Another option to pass your time will also be part of the upcoming Rust update. In the future you can play several card games with Freund and Fein in the bandit city.

It is still unclear which games are exactly. In this case, the following would of course be suitable:

  • poker
  • Black jack
  • Faro
  • High-low


Whole Changes in the Rust February Update

  • Added Jackhammer admire
  • Added Drones
  • Added Drone marketplace
  • Added game mode support
  • Added softcore gamemode
  • Now catching disk I/O exceptions when e.g. trying to take a screenshot with a full hard drive
  • Death screen now displays death by poison correctly
  • Fixed water jug filling sound not using positional audio
  • Fixed items losing their skin when a stack is split (satchel charges)
  • Fixed instrument midi playback still working when wounded
  • Fixed not being able to buy/sell spacesuits in vending machines (is treated as a distinct item)
  • Fixed couch and chair dismount issues
  • Fixed deploying items on top of auto turrets
  • Fixed keylock floating
  • Fixed building plan conflicting phrases and inconsistencies
  • Fixed finger clipping on admire Thompson
  • Fixed thumb clipping through glove meshes with bow equipped
  • Fixed metal shopfront preventing construction placement in certain builds
  • Multiple anticheat improvements
  • Can now wield items while sitting on the sofa deployable
  • Improved padding and removed dead space when scrolling through skins (crafting/repair bench)
  • Skin picker will now sort by recently used
  • Stricter Vending machine placement
  • Can now deploy items inside deployable watch towers
  • Jackhammer skinnable
  • Returned blue barrel
  • Shotgun trap now has more accurate colliders
  • Wooden shopfront default BP
  • Reduced wooden shopfront cost
  • Lowered high end weapons drop rate from APC crate
  • Removed wooden shopfront from the loot table
  • Change lock position on tool cupboard to not clip with cupboard handle
  • Fixed being able to play instruments when wounded
  • Keylocks now auto-lock on deploy
  • Large wooden box can no longer be clipped into world layer
  • Monument loot container size reduced
  • Stricter shotgun trap placement

By the way, with the latest Rust update in February there will be a force wipe. So all players start again from the beginning.



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