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This article is just an overview of the December 3rd update. To learn everything about the new Rust Tech Tree, click here!

Rust gets a new update. This is now the third update this month & brings the new tech tree & a lot of important balancing adjustments!

The update at a glance: In today’s Rust Update, which was released on November 27th, you can count on the new tech tree, which is supposed to improve the crafting system. There are also many adjustments to the weapons & base building elements!

New Tech Tree & More in Rust December Update

This is the tech tree: With the help of the tech tree, researching blueprints in Rust should be made easier and clearer. The new mechanics also simplify predictive learning from blueprints. Before the update, you had to know which blueprints lead where. So there is no more experimenting!

EXP and scrap are still used as currency to unlock the blueprints. Until the update is published and afterward, a lot can change.


Further Adjustments in the Update

  • double-barreled shotgun now requires two barrels and 25 more metal fragments.
  • It now takes as long to switch between two rocket launchers as it does to reload. Carrying several loaded launchers with you is no longer useful.
  • Fixed the reloading animation of the nail gun. Reloading is a little faster.
  • Reinforced windows now have glass in them. The maximum health points have been reduced to 500.
  • Anti-radiation pills only reduce your hydration by 10%.
  • Large Medkit instantly heals 10 HP and 100 more overtime.
  • ABC suits can now be repaired.
  • Diving equipment can now be fully recycled.
  • Tomato plants now give you more tomatoes than before.
  • You can now pick up your kayak with a hammer. But it loses 25% of its durability.
  • The size of the safe zone around the stables has been slightly reduced.


There are more changes and fixes in the current Rust update. The guys and gals from Rustafied have summarized all the changes, while we have only listed the most important ones.

Release of the Update: The Rust update will be released on December 3rd, 2020. However, you can already try it out on the survival game’s test servers.


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  1. In case you can’t read, it says that only the important changes are listed, but links the Rustafied article. It really shows that you’re a Rust player. Trash.


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