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Today is the last day, where you can get a hold of the new Rust Twitch drops. Make everyone jealous with these 3 cool items!
What are Twitch Drops? Some developers and games switch to the Twitch live stream platform. Now and then these start a limited partnership. This should, among other things, stimulate interaction on Twitch and at the same time arouse interest in a particular game – both on the part of the streamers and the viewers.
The so-called drops are then accessories so that the viewers are baited to switch on certain streams. Mostly these are cosmetic items that you can only get via exactly this live stream event.
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Rust gets 3 Twitch Drops! That’s them

These are the items: The three nine drops on Twitch that you can pick up for the survial sandbox game Rust – also popularly known as the Reee simulator – are items of clothing.
More precisely, they are skins for existing armor and clothing items. Let’s stop talking about the pulp, here are the drops:
  • Purple pixel sunglasses
  • Twitch underwear set
  • Black-purple headset

Rust twitch drops 2020

How to get the drops: Getting the drops is pretty simple. As you can see in the picture above, you don’t have to do anything to receive it, except to watch a Twitch streamer of your choice, as always.
You don’t even have to be really active. It is enough if you let the stream run in the background while you play some games. But you shouldn’t turn off the sound, otherwise, Twitch won’t consider you a viewer. Although this is a well-known, but an unconfirmed assumption.
For the sunglasses, you have to watch Twitch for an hour. Three hours for the underwear and six hours for the headset.
Pay attention to this: Although you can watch the streamer to whom you allow your view time, but if it has not activated Twitch Drops, you will not receive any Rust Twitch Drops even after 20 hours.
Most streamers who have activated those items during a drop event write this in their stream title! Incidentally, the event is only valid until November 20, 2020


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