Rust Torture Feature.

It’s always fun to play Rust with friends. Wandering over mountains and through meadows, gathering resources, raiding bases.. you know.. fun! But occasionally, you may find yourself filled with an overwhelming murderous rage towards them that you simply must give in to. PlayRust Community Update 124 highlights a creative example of doing just that.

With Friends Like These

Friends are great and all, but once you’ve built your grand base with them and desire to own it for yourself, it is necessary to devise a plan to get rid of them. One idea, nay, perhaps the best idea, is to build your own secret complex of doom to lure them into your trap.

Youtuber Charborg came up with such a plan and put it into action. In his video, he presents his imprisoned friends with a series of tasks with the promise of freedom if they do as they’re told. However, it’s not called a torture chamber for nothing.

We are happy to show the world that the Rust community is not simply a bunch of barbarians and looters. Examples such as this show that there is creativity and intelligence hidden in each Rust player. Well, some Rust players, anyway.

What are your thoughts on the Rust community, and how do your typical interactions with players go?

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