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Facepunch is sure to be happy because the survival title Rust is currently the biggest game on Twitch with over 1 million viewers. And that thanks to the two streamer servers OfflineTV and Egoland.

What happened: The survival game Rust has had a stable number of active players for six years and is one of the top games on Steam with up to 90,000 simultaneous players. Rust can often inspire up to 15,000 viewers on Twitch, so far.

Since the end of December, Rust has also been one of the top games on Twitch, as over 50 well-known streamers play together on the server of the OfflineTV group. With Shroud, xQc, and Pokimane, among others.

50 Streamer wie Shroud & Pokimane zocken Rust auf OfflineTV-Server, das musst du wissen

The audience rose to several hundred thousand.

Rust breaks the 1 million mark on Twitch thanks to Egoland

that’s going on right now: Rust has now managed to crack the 1 million mark and is now in first place on Twitch. At times, even 1.2 million viewers watched. But why?

Rust Twitch Count

The idea of the OfflineTV server was so well-received that other streamers have also implemented this concept. One of the biggest streamers on Twitch, El Rubius has opened a server called Egoland and invited other friends to join.


Auronplay, Juan Guarnizo, MissaSinfonia, TheGrefg and Ibai play on the Egoland server. Great personalities in the Spanish-speaking streamer scene. For example, TheGrefg holds the Twitch record for most concurrent viewers with over 660,000 viewers and Ibai won the title of Streamer of the Year at the E-Sport Awards in 2020.

More News about Rust

So it’s no wonder that Rust has 1.2 million simultaneous viewers on Twitch. The number of active players is also good for this onslaught. According to the Steamcharts, Rust was able to reach a new all-time high of over 132,000 players on January 4th.

The two groups will probably keep Rust in the top ranks for quite a while. Another OfflineTV server for PvE and RP has already been announced for January 7th. Then more streamers should also join the action.

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