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Rust celebrates the Lunar New Year, which is all about the ox. Facepunch has released new skins for this, which you can try out along with a cool new feature

Finally New Years? Why is New Years now, you ask? That’s because of the Asian calendar. Here the new year begins with a certain moon phase and not on January 1st as we do with us. Facepunch invites you to celebrate the day … to spend your money, but there’s a cool new feature too.


Rust is celebrating Lunar New Year: You can buy this in the item shop

This feature is new: Not only skins are new, also fireworks that you can craft and ignite yourself. This comes into play because the Asian tradition provides for lighting fireworks to scare away evil spirits. In Rust it is more likely to reveal one’s position.

New items for the Lunar New Year: As mentioned briefly at the beginning, there are new items that you can buy in the Steam Store. This includes some skins, including an ox mask.

  • Chinese lantern
  • Dragon door knocker
  • Fireworks Eoka
  • Big fireworks package
  • Ox crate
  • Moon ox crossbow
  • Moon ox door
  • New Year gong
  • New Year’s ox oven
  • Ox-AK 47
  • Ox box
  • Ox mask

rust-ochsen-ox-newyearHere you come to the steam shop!


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