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Rust will finally be leaving Early Access.  After a blog post by Garry Newman on the official website for FacePunch Studios we now have the date, but what does this mean for the future of the game?

Leaving Early Access – Still not Finished

FacePunch Studios is now pulling Rust out of Early Access on February 8th but they don’t plan to make it a big deal. They won’t be holding special events, giveaways or moving their developers to different projects. “It’s business as usual.” says Garry Newman; which assures us that they won’t be abandoning the game anytime soon.

Kraftwerk Rust
Rust power plant.

Rust will no longer surpass DayZ with holding Early Access status. Which means that DayZ will now be in Early Access longer. Rust was released more than four years ago and five days before DayZ. Leaving Early Access is a big step for any game even with a quiet and subtle release like this one.

What’s Changing?

We are going to see a few key factors change for the game and one of them is the price. The price will be raising from $19.99 to $34.99 so take advantage while you can. We will also be seeing updates transition to monthly instead of weekly. This means new features won’t be rushed into the game necessarily, instead they will take their time and make sure new things will behave with existing features.

Rust Tank
Rust’s infamous APC.

This doesn’t mean Rust is anywhere near being finished but it’s getting close. This is just a more stable version of what the game already is so all in all we won’t be seeing much of a change to the game. Rust has come a long way and has definitely changed a lot over the years. Hopefully we will be seeing more exciting features soon.



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