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The survival MMO Rust received its latest update on January 7, 2021. For the first time in years, there is a blueprint wipe and the Twitch drops have been activated.

That was 2020: While Rust celebrates its first update in the new year 2021, which just went online, the developers look back on 2020. Because in the last year they achieved a lot:

  • Ring Road
  • Modular Turrets
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Farming 2.0
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Electric Heaters
  • Rust+
  • Modular Vehicles
  • Airwolf, Boat shop, and stables
  • Mixing table
  • Elevators
  • Weather system
  • Telephones
  • Tech Trees
  • And many more improvements and fixes

First blueprint wipe in years

For the first time in years, Facepunch Studios is deleting the blueprints on all the Rust servers. With the recent introduction of the skill trees, the devs think this is the right move to get all players back on the same level.

Another blueprint wipe shouldn’t be expected again anytime soon.

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The Twitch drops are active, that’s how you get them

If you want to get cool skins in Rust to stand out from other players, you can get hold of the Twitch drops. Items that you get in your Steam inventory and can use in Rust when you watch various streamers on Twitch. Coincidentally, this time the drops are “Merch” from well-known streamers who recently played a lot of Rust.

These are the Twitch Drops: There are 12 items among the current Twitch Drops that you can grab. All you have to do is watch the streamers:

  • Auronplay-Hoodie – watch auronplay for 4 hours
  • Jacksepticeye Storage – watch jacksepticeye for 4 hours
  • Lilypichu Jacket – watch lilypichu for 4 hours
  • Ludwig Hoodie – watch ludwig for 4 hours
  • Myth Breastplate – watch Myth for 4 hours
  • Pokimane Garage Doorr – watch pokimane for 4 hours
  • Shroud Hoodie – watch shroud for 4 hours
  • Sykkuno Longsleeve Tshirt – watch Sykkuno for 4 hours
  • XQC Rifle – watch xQc0W for 4 hours
  • Sofa – watch Twitch for 2 hours
  • Industrial Door – watch Twitch for 4 hours
  • Hobo Barrel – watch Twitch for 8 hours

How to get the drops: To get the drops, all you have to do is go to the Rust Twitch drop page and link your Twitch account as well as your Steam account. Then you have to watch the streamers for two to eight hours in order to receive the items automatically.

In the January update, a few bugs were otherwise fixed, the server capacity has been increased on some servers and bans now affect entire server systems (if a team hosts several private servers in the same network).

The full patch notes for the Rust January update

  • Fixed some clothing casting incorrect shadows
  • Fixed respawn icons not properly merging when creating a combined respawn icon
  • Fixed push to talk setting not being respected when talking on a phone (if this is enabled you need to hold your push to talk key to speak into a Telephone)
  • Fixed some non-English characters in player names causing display issues in the inventory
  • Fixed being able to slide open the windows of a locked armored cockpit module that’s directly in front of a taxi module that a player is riding in
  • Sleeping bags that are too close to another sleeping bag will now be tinted orange while placing (also affects Beds and Beach Towels)
  • Fixed some incorrect sound effects on the Telephone
  • Voice audio transmitted through Telephones now has some audio filters applied
  • Car lock info tooltips wait a while before showing up again
  • SAM sites no longer target hot air balloons that aren’t inflated
  • Reduced research cost of T2 engine parts
  • Reduced weather event chances – more clear skies
  • Allow players to boost voices from the options menu rather than needing to use the console
  • Disabled Xmas event and craftable item

That’s all for now. Tell us in the comments below, what you think about the wipe and the Twitch Drops

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