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The days are getting shorter and the only thing that will light up the long nights in the weeks to come are jack-o-lanterns! Rust is also joining in and is starting his Halloween “Trick Or Treat” event 2020 today!

This is in the event: The Rust Halloween event 2020 brings back a well-known in-game event, some new decorations & content for the real money shop. In addition, the items and events from the last few years will of course also return.

Rust Trick-Or-Treat-Event is worth more than a look!

This is what happens: The trick-or-treating event starts on every other in-game day. Once the event starts, candy will spawn all over the world. It is important to collect them as quickly as possible.

However, after the three-minute timer expires a leaderboard appears at the top right of the screen. After the time has run out, the top three players will receive some additional small loot bags.

You can then combine the sweets that you have collected in the meantime to 10x each to get even more small loot bags. If you then combine 10x small loot bags, you get medium loot bags. If you combine these again, you will receive the large loot bag.

In the following spreadsheet you can see what kind of content you can expect. You won’t get all of these out of one pocket!

Small Bags Medium Bags Large Bag
  • The mask of a scarecrow.
  • Cobwebs as decoration
  • Granate launcher
  • Pumpkin Bucket: with this bucket you can pick up sweets faster.
  • Coffin as a large storage box
  • LR-300 + 50 Rounds
  • Hunting Bow + 5 arrows
  • NBC Suit
  • MP-5 + 30 Rounds
  • Compound Bow +
    8 Arrows
  • Chainsaw + 30x Fuel
  • M39 + 50 Rounds
  • 166x Stone / 332x Wood / 32x Metal
  • Hammer drill
  • M249-MG + 50 Rounds
  • Revolver + 20 Rounds
  • M249-MG + 50 Rounds
  • Shotgun + 12 Rounds
  • 3x High Velocity Rockets
  • Double barrel Shotgun + 5 Rounds
  • 5x Flame Rockets
  • 2.500x Stone


Rust Event brings new opponents & cosmetics

Don’t stay outside for too long! In addition to the actual trick-or-treating event, Facepunch went to great lengths to bring an old friend home over the holidays. Once again at nightfall, you will meet scarecrows & mummies who want to get your hands on the living leather.


Both opponents are armed with various weapons from pitchforks or knives to chainsaws. If you kill them, you can grab very good loot that they carry with them.

This includes normal objects, materials or food. But Halloween-specific items that you otherwise only get for real money can also be included. For example, the Spook-Sound-Box or the Fogger-3000, a fog machine.

Cosmetic Changes: In Rust, you can also easily find stone, wood, sulfur and metal on the floor. Easily recognized by the fact that they are simple tree stumps, stones or ores – all just slightly smaller.

That changes with the Halloween event 2020. Stones become ailing gravestones, metal becomes rusty grave cross and wood becomes cross, of course made of wood. Sulfur, on the other hand, turns into slimy spider eggs.

One raw material that you couldn’t find easily until now is bones. But in keeping with the theme of Halloween you can find bony arms in the wilderness that stick out of their graves like in Romero’s “The Night of the Living Dead”.

New items in the Rust Halloween Event 2020

  • Skull trophy (decorative item)
  • Skull Skewer (Decorative Item)
  • Mummy underwear
  • Ghost cloak
  • Pumpkin crown
  • Enchanted cauldron

You can find all of these items in the Rust Item Shop.




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