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Again there is news about an update for the survival game Rust, which this time even gets a new game mode. There is also more information about the drones & much more.

This is new: Rust will receive another update in the coming days or weeks. We recently reported on the latest update. This brought drones and a new marketplace. But now there is exciting information on:

  • More robots
  • New Rust game mode
  • Update on the marketplace
  • Submarines
More News & Updates about Rust

Update on the marketplace: This is how delivery drones work

This is how it works: Due to the frequent demand, we will add again how exactly the new marketplace and the delivery drones work. First of all, it should be mentioned that the drones cannot be destroyed. So nobody can steal your delivery halfway through.

However, enemies can of course track the drone and know exactly where to go next in order to make fat prey.

This is how the drones work in Rust

  1. At the beginning you have to get to one of the new marketplaces. They are currently only available on the test servers at Bandit Camp or Outpost.
  2. Interact with the marketplace and choose a market on the map. These are all vending machines that players have set up. You have to buy everything that is offered from real players.
  3. Select the product you’d like to buy, but be aware that you have to prepay 20 scrap – shipping costs, so to speak.
  4. A drone is taking off now, you should be able to observe that. She will pick up your parcel from the relevant machine and deliver it to you.


New game mode “Softcore Rust” – What is it?

This is softcore: Already mentioned by the developers a few days ago, we now have initial information about the new game mode for Rust. It’s called “Softcore” because it looks like you’ve only played hardcore the last few years.

The new mode is aimed primarily at beginners who still want to get to know Rust. In addition to minor changes such as less hunger and thirst, there are also drastic changes:

  1. 50 percent of the inventory can only be looted by you after death. What exactly you keep is a coincidence. You can either pick up your loot at the corpse or you can walk to one of the new reclaim stations where you can pick up your equipment.
  2. Players can now respawn in the bandit camp or compound. There are beds for everyone here.
  3. The maximum team size on the community softcore servers is eight players. This is done through the access to the wardrobe and turrets. The official servers only allow four players!
  4. You cannot loot players immediately and loot them completely. A timer must run out for this.


More changes in the upcoming Rust update

  • Backpack that is on the ground gets a new skin.
  • Locks are automatically locked as soon as you put them on.
  • Wooden shop fronts are automatically activated and no longer a learnable blueprint.
  • Auto-turrets will now fully reload every time you attach a new weapon.
  • Stoves, sleeping bags, fires and more can now be placed in the watchtower.
  • The hammer drill can now get skins
  • Small stashes can no longer be hidden under foundations.
  • If you go to sleep during a puzzle or wounded, you will die.
  • Hapis Island is now playable for the first time.
  • Admins can control drones
  • U-boats are currently in the making
  • There should be robot dogs, the model is already finished
  • There are new skins.
  • New Rust Twitch Drops – more here!

Source: Shadowfrax


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