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On the 28th of July, Facepunch Studios released Devblog 170 for Rust. Be prepared for a new mini-game, plenty of helpful menu fixes, some visual loot, and a couple of extra fixes and changes just for us.

Keeping Things Speedy

Now this is interesting; since the release of devblog 170, mining has taken a turn for the better. Next time you mine some ores try to find a little shimmer or bright spot. If you’re successful, aim and swing away with your pick. Hitting these “hotspots” will increase your mining speed by 150% to a max of 300%! However, if you miss then you’ll return to your normal mining speed. Keep in mind that these hotspots move, so pay attention and don’t waste your time trying to memorise them.

Hint: If you attempt to find hotspots at night, you may struggle to see them. Definitely equip a miners hat or candle hat beforehand.

A Visual Experiment

With this update, developer Maurino announced that he would be testing out shelves as a visual experiment. These shelves will show off their loot so you have a visual option on what to take. Eventually some of the barrels and boxes around town will be replaced with superior shelves with awesome loot on display. Expect to see these decorative items more in the future.

Hints for Rust
Game hints that should NOT be ignored.

Change Is Not Always Bad

Accidentally quitting the game is a common mistake and we have all done it. Well the kind people over at Facepunch have put some simple yet effective measurements in place in case of this mis-click. Now when your fingers fumble, you’ll be kindly asked if you are sure you really want to quit the game. And for all the newbies out there, a temporary “Find Game” button in green has been added to make your lives so much simpler. How thoughtful!

A notable change made with devblog 170 was the new Game Tips feature. As stated by Garry Newman: “A while back we talked about what we needed to do to leave early access. The example that always comes up is letting people know how to open the inventory menu.” Watch out for these new tips, maybe you’ll learn something new.

Last but Not Least

Here is as full list of what was changed, added, or removed in this weeks Rust devblog 170:

  • NEW – Game Tips
  • NEW – Implemented workshop skin cache in native code (optimization)
  • NEW – Moved skin cache I/O to a thread (optimization)
  • NEW – Added grass displacement to campfires
  • NEW – Added confirmation to exit button
  • FIXED – Fixed freezing when using feedback (F7)
  • FIXED – Fixed “EAC Disconnected” error
  • FIXED – Fixed some item descriptions
  • REMOVED – Removed DirectX 9 launch option
  • NEW – Added Ore Minigame
  • UPDATED – Reduced SAP cost


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