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On the 13th of July Facepunch Studios released Rust devblog 168; introducing facial hair and uncontested fire power. Watch out looters!

Here Comes the Tank

The developers have decided that the available loot at the launch site in Rust is a little too good. So to make obtaining it more of a challenge, they’ll be adding a mechanical guard dog. If you’re looking for easy loot, the launch site may not be the place anymore with the future addition of a Bradley APC tank primed and ready to blow you to bits. However, since the tank physics and A.I are still not fully functioning, you do have a little more time to explore the launch site before security arrives.

Improved Hair

After what felt like an eternity of bland bald heads, we will finally be getting some real hairstyles in the game! Granted there are only two so far, one for each sex, but it’s a step in the right direction, and having a head of well-rendered hair could not feel better. With the addition of face variations and more hairstyles on the horizon, things are looking good.

Male hairstyle.
Short, sweet and simple.
Female hairstyle.
Tied up and practical.

NPC Navigation

To prevent NPCs from running in circles or smack bang into walls, there is normally code in place known as navigation mesh. This navmesh usually creates a safe and easy path for the A.I to walk; however with a varied and randomly generated world like Rust, things are a little more complicated. Worlds generated like this can cause collision problems between A.I and the environment. It’s always funny watching a deer run into a rock the first time, but after the thirtieth, things get tiresome and the game just seems broken.

Well, without getting into the complicated details, any A.I issues have been resolved with patch 168. NPCs and A.I will not be bound to the same navmesh as before and will only render when players are nearby. There is also talk of hand-crafted structure navmesh that will work in tandem with generated terrain navmesh. All this will not only prevent buggy interactions, but may also minimise performance issues.

Hand-crafted navmesh that helps prevent A.I collision.

Additional Features

  • Devblog 168 will introduce a new feedback system.
  • A detailed stair collider.
  • No more water clipping. The launch rocket ramp is now free of water.
  • Improved music and sounds.


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