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Coming in a day late, but finally here, devblog 166 for Rust brings some fixes that Facepunch Studio Devs worked hard on applying. Consisting of despawn times, new looks, sound polishes and a few extra surprises.

Oh Node!

As part of the revamp Maurino Berry made some changes to the way you gather your ores and how they work. First of all, the ores are now specific to their material type for example stone nodes yield stone, sulfur only sulfur, and metal only metal. Another detail you may notice is a “finishing bonus” you get upon completely depleting the node giving you about a 20% bonus of the total. Now not only do you get what you need but you get a bonus for not leaving leftovers.

Along with the specifics for getting your ore, Maurino made sure to make the rock look nice while you’re destroy it. Like more of a particle effect as well as a sound to mask the visual change. This is one of the first of many steps on that revamp Maurino wanted. One big of the things Maurino did though, was remove HQM from ore nodes (with the exception of the metal one). 

Quarry not!

Maurino made sure to implement mining quarries more in this update by not only making them easier to construct but also hopefully making them more common throughout the land in hopes that in the upcoming weeks he can make them more viable and interesting to use. Another detail Maurino states is that reliance upon them should increase with the ore changes this week.

Rust Making Things That Go Boom, A Lot Cooler

While revamping those visuals on the rocks Maurino noticed that the explosion effects were lacking or as Maurino put it “crappy”. Not only did he replace the explosions for multiple objects he included a screen shake effect for those who like to stand near the fun. He plans on getting them improved on even more within the next short while.

Pick Up What Others Put Down

Most noteworthy, André did an amazing job at fixing a known issue with dropped items by putting them into a nice little package while also making sure they despawn a lot slower. What that means is being able to get loot once you destroy that barrel, or even come back up to an hour later and get that nice AK you found in a raid, but couldn’t carry at the moment. Furthermore when you kill your enemies not only do you get their stuff but you get in a neat backpack.

While crates also now drop small packages with all their belongings in it, their despawn times are as long as the despawn time of the most valuable item they hold. Lastly the grass around said backpack or package will be displaced so you know where your earned loot is, along with the fact the some extra friction was added as to prevent those earned rewards to slide off a slope and into the hands of another.

To Be Noted From Devblog 166

In-addition here some quick bits of information from this devblog:

  1. Grenades don’t slide, bounce less, have extra mass and increased velocity.
  2. Hotkeys no longer need to be pressed twice to consume.
  3. Skin Texture Changes are headed our way
  4. Rocket Factory is almost done just polishing and optimizing it.
  5. Texture packaging takes up to 35% less memory in it’s current state
  6. Hapis Island is still on schedule for next week’s wipe, we may even get new trees. Who knows.

Rust Does Some Polishing

In conclusion here’s the full list of all the updates, fixes, and what’s new in this devblog for when you get back into your game. Whether you’re raiding, building, mining or even watching the grass they updated it.

  • Misc sound polish
  • Sound mix improvements
  • Updated to latest Facepunch.Steamworks
  • Debris and ragdolls no longer prevent picking up items behind them
  • Doubled dropping item base despawn time
  • Increased despawn time multipliers on rare items
  • Seeds despawn much faster
  • Burned meat despawns much faster
  • Dropped items have more friction
  • Optimized grass displacement refresh
  • Holding down LMB with hammer hits continuously
  • No longer have to press a belt hotkey twice to consume an item
  • Tweaked grenade physics (no sliding, less bounciness)
  • Tweaked grenade mass and throw velocity
  • Mining Quarry cost reduction
  • Resource Nodes only drop ores specific to their type instead of a bit of everything
  • Increased despawn time on a number of items
  • Fixed rotation of grenade explosion, slight grass displacement choppiness, bootstrap not updating the loading screen text, wood would model collider rotation offset compared to visuals, rare false positive with server side weapon cooldown verification
  • Can no longer put items into loot containers
  • Storage containers drop their items in an item pouch when destroyed
  • Corpses drop their items in a backpack when destroyed
  • Item pouches and backpacks despawn as fast as the slowest item they hold
  • Added corpsedespawn convar (time after which corpses despawn and player corpses turn into backpacks)
  • Ore stage change sounds
  • Dropped items displace grass around them
  • Added new explosion effects across the board
  • Resource nodes have a ‘finishing bonus’ of about 20% of their total
  • Resource nodes have new state change effects



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