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Rust’s Devblog 154 is loaded with new content, bug fixes and technical upgrades. The main features in this update are the target sight, the searchlight, server improvement and a large rocket launch base.

Handmade Target Sight for Marking Your Enemies

Maurino Berry finished up work on the new target sight in Devblog 154. When using your handmade target sight, your precision will increase but your ability to zoom is slightly affected. Be warned, the target sight doesn’t work well at night. This contraption is a cross between iron-sights and the Holo Sight and will cost 6 HQM to make. So craft your own and become a better shot today! The devs will be listening out for players’ feedback and making any needed changes to this feature in the upcoming week.

Let There Be Light!

The searchlight was a feature saved from Rust’s falling Concept Limbo. It’s simple and easy to use: All you have to do is walk on over to the searchlight, press E, and it will shine the light where you want it to. The headlight can be either turned on or turned off. Gasoline provides fuel for the headlight, which is most likely supplied in the game by the developers. There are planned additions to the feature such as sound effects and the ability to shoot the light to prevent being spotted.

Server Improvements

André Straubmeier mainly focused on improving the server performance this past week for Devblog 154. The developer rated  Unity’s invoke system as one of the lowest performing additions on the server. The system is used to commence and cancel delayed calls that are triggered by players’ interactions with items, traps and corpses. Cancelling one call would take 5ms whenever there were a lot of enemies and players on a server. The system had no reason to run that slow, so a replacement was written out.


Invoke(“DoSomething”, delay);


Invoke(DoSomething, delay);

The server now performs much faster due to the code rewriting that took place. However, this is not a 100% completed feature and is still being improved upon. The developers are watching to see how the most popular servers perform with the new system and make improvements in accordance to your feedback.

Future Launch Base Monument

The developers are gradually making progress with the Launch Site monument. The general layout is mostly completed and they have already started working on adding detail to the grey boxes. Currently the monument is split into two sub-areas: One is the actual launch pad with an abandoned rocket centred in the middle. There is also a set of bunkers and a maze of narrow underground tunnels that allow for tons of looting, scavenging and PVP fights.

The second area is the rocket factory site. Its features include a huge industrial structure in the centre with an interior full of damaged pathways, broken rocket pieces and climbable beams. Surrounding the premises are fuel silos, warehouses and office buildings. Maybe there will be a crafting feature added in for rocket building and launching, that would be cool.

For the more adventurous players, the buildings’ interiors are accessible in the game, so you can go seeking treasures that await you inside! The rooftops are interconnected with a network of pipes and walkways. This makes the area good for intense, unpredictable PVP battles, along with the several places to take cover and snipe enemies. The full list of updates are listed below in the changelog.

Devblog 154 Changelog:

  • Holo Sight world model lod updates
  • Laser Sight world model lod updates
  • Muzzle Boost world model lod updates
  • Muzzle Brake world model updates
  • Silencer world model lod updates
  • Viewmodel FOV changes reverted
  • Updated wooden armour
  • Improved bloom effect quality
  • Improved vegetation rendering
  • Added custom invoke handler (server performance)
  • Optimized mesh building and fixed rare occurrence of hindered grass visibly.

We will keep you informed of any future Rust updates.


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