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Devblog 152 from the Rust team reveals new toys, fixes and optimisations for players to enjoy. Highlights include the introduction of spinner wheels, grass/clothing trimming and reducing the strain on players’ RAM.

Rust’s New Toys

The Spinner Wheel is cause for fanfare as it has finally managed to escape development limbo. Previously a dream, the item serves to add more chaos into gameplay. It works just as it would in Wheel of Fortune or Twister, with the outcomes customisable to the maker’s whims. The devblog offers its own suggestions for what this might be used for, from deciding on your next task to hosting a casino.

Devblog 152 Wheel of Fun.
If that was my room, I’d write “nap” for every option.

To go along with new toys, the devs have seen fit to give players a new playground as well. The Airfield has been expanded to include a deeper network of tunnels. Here, the intent was to allow the ability to traverse the area while hidden. Among the new subterranean sights are sewers, bunker rooms and even a modest natural cave segment. New areas are set to appear at the beginning of April.

Devblog tunnels
It sounds like a fun place to explore, but I’m not sure I’d WANT to bunk near the sewers. Jussayin.

Fisxe Fixes

A couple of fixes were made as well, perhaps the most noticeable being a reduction in Heavy Plate Armour rad protection. Where it previously offered +50 protection, it has now been scaled back to a reasonable +7. A plague of pumpkin spam was a cause for alarm, but their population has been culled thanks to a reduction in their max seasons from 7 to 1. Netting block use has also been normalised with players able to move across it laterally as much as they’ve been able to climb it vertically.

Devblog 152
Anyone else hoping someone churns out a Donkey Kong Country 2 mod?

Changes to the cave pit have caused some friction. “The death pit encountered in difficult caves before safe areas has been changed to implement a small passage down to the pit itself.” Rust‘s developers explain that this was done to allow all groups a chance to recover their stuff.

Cleaning Day

House cleaning was also a topic, with graphic bugs among the most pressing chores. Players have long been concerned about the grass seeping up through flooring, but don’t worry as developers have stomped that out. Similarly, clothing has been thinned down to reduce its clipping over armour without resorting to a hovering effect. Stubborn lockers are now easier to place and there’s even a replacement for the new bed.

Devblog 152

Behind the scenes, the developers have also been pruning old code. Unused animations had been placing an unnecessary load on user’s memory. Because of the clean-up, gunfire performance has improved. Long bursts of fire no longer cause performance to suffer.

For more in-depth changes to Rust, be sure to visit their official devblog.



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