Devblog 150

Facepunch Studio has once again responded to fans’ feedback with a new update for Rust. Devblog 150 explains that servers have been wiped and players who rely on sneak attacks will have to find another means of battle. Back-stab kills have been eliminated.

No More Hide and Sneak

Players used to be able to perform efficient sneak kills with the ability to hide their weapons until the very last second. You could appear to be unarmed and defenseless then go in for the kill without drawing suspicion. With the release of the new update, this will no longer be allowed.

A player’s most valuable equipment will be visible on their bodies to others in the game. Next time you run into a player with a pipe shotgun strapped to their back, anticipate an attack. Any sneak kill victims out there can jump for joy as the developers have put an end to it.

Server Performance Issues and Item Cost Reductions

The team has received a large number of “profile samples” to help them find out why servers with 250 players are experiencing lag. It can be rather frustrating when you’re trying to play with frequent server freezes and lag that prohibits opening loot boxes. In Devblog 150 Facepunch states that they are currently analyzing the data and will provide a fix in the upcoming weeks.

The equipment on your back is now visible to enemies.

It became apparent that certain items weren’t being used as much as others, to increase item popularity among players, certain costs have been reduced. The Bucket Helmet will no longer require a Sewing Kit and is cheaper. However, its armor has been slightly modified to compensate for the price slash. The Pump Shotgun now requires 2 pipes instead of 5, 1 spring instead of 2 and 20 pieces of high quality metal instead of 30. The pick axe now requires only 125 metal fragments instead of 150.

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Auto Turrets and World Map

Turrets now scan at a slower rate when they aren’t in use. The turn sound has also been adjusted so that the volume isn’t such a distraction for players. The laser beam has been modified to turn green in peacekeeper mode and red in attack mode. This should help players decide which tower is approachable and which isn’t.

Devblog 150 talks about how the developers have also modified the monument overgrowth, updated foliage with building assets, fixed various terrain landscapes and included a bigger snow biome. These are all now included in the game since the wipe.

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