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The Rust developer and Facepunch founder Garry Newman trolled the Twitch streamers on the OfflineTV server and has now been banned for it. In a tweet, he says: “You don’t know how to play Rust”.

What’s up: Garry Newman, who co-invented Rust, is known for trolling the community a lot. Now the streamers on the OfflineTV server have been hit. There Garry pretended to be a 10-year-old boy and in a childlike voice called everyone “pussy”. He also put up racist signs in the game.

For this action, he was ultimately banned by the streamers, who certainly didn’t know who it was. For the Rust community, Garry’s behavior is hilarious as it reflects the toxic side of Rust that is often found in the game.

In a tweet, Garry said that while he had a lot of fun, the streamers don’t have an idea how to play Rust.

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OTV server is just a facade and does not show the real Rust

That causes discussion: Garry Newman also continues:

“I guess I’ll just have to accept that joining a server with a ton of rules with the aim to help streamers make watchable content and playing as if I was on a public server was the wrong thing to do, instead of trying to stir up a ton more drama to squeeze views out of it.”

So he thinks that the offline TV server with all the rules is designed to offer viewers pure entertainment through many dramas.

He’s not entirely wrong about that. The server is not showing the correct Rust as it is in most cases. Should a player play like in normal Rust, he will be banned or hit hard by the community. The survival MMO has a strong focus on PvP and veterans are used to that. But even newcomers to the official servers learn this quickly and adapt to the flow of the game. However, the wrong picture of Rust is currently being drawn on Twitch.



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