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Rust Christmas Event 2020: All Content, Start & Present Table

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The Rust Christmas Event 2020 starts next week on December 18th. Now we finally know what content awaits us. In this event guide, we show you everything there is and you need to know!

Every year again: Of course there is also a Christmas event in the disaster year 2020. If you can’t celebrate this with your family due to the pandemic, you should at least take a look at the Rust Christmas event! We have all the content, functions and start and end dates for you.

There is no trailer for 2020 yet!

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The New Items in The Rust Christmas Event 2020!

Event overview: This year’s Rust Christmas event brings old and new things alike. On the one hand, you can turn the desert into a winter wonderland again, go sledding and build new ice walls. There are also some other changes which await you.

The Rust Sled

Start with this: When you jump into the Rust Christmas event like Alice into the rabbit hole, the first impression can be a bit overwhelming. So we recommend trying everything one after the other. Starting of course with a sleigh and a ride. This is how you build it:

  • Owning workbench level 1
  • 25 metal fragments
  • 150 wood

Built it? Great, now you can choose between two sled skins. One made of wood and one padded sledge. Every time you pick it up after a trip, it loses 25% HP, which allows a total of 4 trips.

How to Drive: In order to drive it, you have to place it on a snowy hill. Other surfaces don’t work. Although the sled should be able to drive out of a snow cannon on snow, that seems to be bugged at the moment.

But be careful! The sled in the Rust Christmas Event 2020 does not stop moving unless one of the following occurs:

  • No more snow
  • You get off at full speed
  • You don’t make a sound anymore & your friends scratch you off a tree or rock – have fun!


The Snowball Cannon (Blizzard Blaster)

How snow becomes a weapon: The snowball cannon or Blizzard Blaster, as it is officially called, is a machine gun in the Rust Christmas event 2020, which of course shoots snowballs. The features of the blaster are as follows:

  • 50 snowballs in the magazine
  • 6 damage to body / 10 to head
  • 1 damage to twig building
  • No damage to other buildings

You can find it here: Among other things you can find the blizzard blaster in the aidrops and prisons. This means that every player has equal access to the weapon and it is not hidden behind any seasonal achievements.


Electric neon signs

That’s what they can: The Rust Christmas event also includes stylish neon signs that you can “paint” yourself like their wooden counterpart. They come in 3 different sizes and have these crafting costs:

Material  Small Medium Large
Metal frags 125 150 200
Electricity  3 5 10


In order to get it to work, you have to connect it to the power supply of your base. Then you paint it with one of 8 different colors and give it electricity, your neon sign is now ready!

Different Ice Walls

New mobile cover: The ice walls included in the Rust Christmas Event 2020 come in two versions, one small and one large. Even if they are made of ice, the walls can be set up in any biome and also behave like normal stone walls. You can craft them and you therefore you need:

Material Small Ice Wall Large Ice Wall
Workbench 1 2
Stone 300 1500
Health Points 200 500


The small ice wall in Rust is now about three-quarters of the height of a regular stone wall. The big one, on the other hand, is just as big as the normal walls and can even be connected to it.


Snow cannon

Make snow out of sand! This item can be used to create artificial snow. It doesn’t matter where you place the snow cannon. As already mentioned in the section about the sleds, unfortunately, you cannot do winter sports on this one.

Christmas presents

It pays to be good: Just like with the Halloween event, you can either open it or combine 10x small or 10x medium Christmas presents to receive the next larger present. The following awaits you when you unpack:

Small Present

  • Candy cane batSmall_Present_icon_rust_christmas_2020
  • Wrapping paper
  • Eoka pistol
  • Handmade ammunition
  • Various decorative elements
  • Reindeer antlers
  • Santa hat
  • stone
  • scrap metal
  • Wood
  • metal

Medium Present

  • Water pipe shotgunMedium_Present_icon_rust_christmas_2020
  • Handmade ammunition
  • Prov. Meat cleaver
  • HP syringe
  • teddy bear
  • Decorative elements (poinsettia, fairy lights, Christmas tree balls)
  • Small stocking
  • Simple fuel

Large Present

  • Flamethrower turretLarge_Present_icon_rust_christmas_2020
  • Airdrop grenade
  • Self-made SMG
  • revolver
  • Pistol cartridges
  • Repeater shotgun
  • Shotgun shells
  • crude oil
  • High quality metal
  • Big stocking

Further Changes in the Rust Christmas Event 2020

What’s more: Not only new items are part of the Rust Christmas event. As in previous years, there are also decorative changes for players and the game world.

  • Airdrops are now falling Christmas presents
  • You can buy new cosmetics in the shop
  • Other items of clothing with a Christmas look can also be found in the airdrops
  • Santa Claus flies again in his sleigh through the skies of Rust
  • You can find small, medium & large gifts and combine ten of the smaller ones to form the next bigger one. From this, you get various items

Do you know more? If we have forgotten something or reported wrongly about something, please let us know in the comments!

Some images in this article were taken from YouTuber Shadowfrax — take a look!




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