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After there were boats, then horses and then helicopters in Rust, cars were also integrated. We’ll show you how to fix your car.

When it starts: The cars in Rust were held back for a long time by developer Facepunch. You have been able to find, repair, and expand them for quite a time now.

A taxi module has recently been introduced that allows you to take guests with you and throw them out of the car using an ejector seat!

Drei verschiedene Autos in Rust - Das sind die Fahrzeugtypen

This is How You Repair a Car in Rust

1. Here you can find a car in Rust

Currently, you can find cars in a broken condition along the road network. They are also different from each other. Every car in Rust spawns with a different startup configuration.

There are three different vehicle sizes. The little ones can carry two modules, the medium has space for three modules and the big ones can carry four modules.

2. How to repair your Rust car

If you find a car, it’s totally battered, the tank is empty and all engine parts are missing. So in order to fix it, you’ll need to find and install five different engine parts.

Unlike in genre representatives, you don’t need any tools for this. However, you need a repair hammer & wood / metal to fix the body.
The five parts you need to find are:

  • Carburetor
  • Crankshaft
  • Piston
  • Spark Plug
  • Valves

How to make your car even better: There are three tiers of these engine parts. You have to research the two higher ones in the outpost. They can make your car more resilient, faster, or more economical. In the end, of course, you have to refuel the car. For this, you use up to 500x low-grade fuel.

rust autos motor teile

3. How do I modify my car in Rust?

Just like the upgraded engine parts, you buy another new item in the Outpost Monument, the hydraulic lift. You simply build this up as your base and drive your car on it.

Here you can now swap and move the modules as you like. The driver’s cab at the back or in the middle between storage areas? No problem! However, so far you can only find other modules. You can neither craft nor buy them.

rust autos hebebühne

There are currently ten different modules, each uses a different number of veihcle slots.

  • Cockpit
  • Cockpit with engine
  • Armored cockpit
  • Two & four-passenger module
  • Large engine module
  • Single & double loading area. Allows players to walk and stand on it
  • Water tank (two modules)
  • Storage box module
  • Taxi module

In theory, you could even install multiple engines or driver’s seats to watch your friends fight over control of the car!

Pay Attention to These Details on Rust Cars

No security

Be careful: there are no keys to your Rust car! So you have to remove engine parts and carry them around with you so that unfamiliar players don’t just jet off with your hard work. Alternatively, you can of course bury the parts in the ground.

Rust on the car

Pay attention to the condition: like all structures in Rust, your car will crumble. That takes 216 minutes in the fresh air. In your base or a garage, this duration is increased tenfold, i.e. 2160 minutes or 36 hours.

You should also make sure that you don’t participate in off-road races if possible. Because off the road, the car components lose HP faster than on them.

The physics

Finally, improved: Driving cars in Rust is not particularly difficult. You control it with the typical WASD control and F switches the headlights on and off. However, the driving behavior of your vehicle will be different depending on how you have placed the modules. This is due to the changed focus of the mobile pedestal.

However, this was improved a few weeks ago. Where you place the modules no longer has such an enormous impact on your driving behavior.

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