Rust has left its Early Access title behind as the game is now officially released via Steam almost two months ago on February 8th. This was a bold move by developers Facepunch Studios and since then they added better graphics and more Weapons to play with.

The game changes

Rust rolled out a new update after its official release. Its main focus is a complete graphics overhaul. According to Vincent Mayeur, Rust’s environment artist; the graphics are being reworked “from the ground up”. Among the new graphics, there will now be new fauna and flora all around the environment as well as new lighting and post-process effects.

Along with graphics, there have also been some adjustments. Such as needing even more scrap metal to craft certain items, how (un)common the scrap metal is throughout the world and some fixes to the procedural world generation.

The visual overhaul in Rust is beautiful. Also; new oak trees!

If graphics aren’t really a concern to you then the annoying weapon sway might have bugged you a bit, but not to worry; now your weapon will not sway unless you have not fired it for several seconds. This allows you to keep your sights on a distant target and not have to steady your aim for every shot.

New weapons to play with

There have been two new weapons added including the chainsaw. The chainsaw runs on low-grade fuel and has to be started via right-mouse click while equipped. Starting the chainsaw has a 40 percent success rate so don’t give up if it doesn’t go on the first time. This can be found in the red chests by the car junk piles.

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Rust SPAS12
The new SPAS-12 shotgun in Rust is a powerful but rare weapon.

The second weapon added is, of course, the SPAS-12 shotgun. This bad boy has a 50 percent DPS compared to the Pump Shotgun and is semi-automatic, so it’ll fire almost as fast as you can click. The only downside is how hard it is to obtain this weapon as it is uncraftable but you may find it in airdrops or Bradley/Helicopter crates.

We have only seen the beginning of what the official release of Rust has to offer and so far it is very promising. We can expect to see the newest update this month.

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