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A Rust starter base shouldn’t be too big and still offer plenty of protection. Today we have a design for you that we would call the best Rust starter base in 2021!

That’s why the base is important: You play Rust and wonder why you are always raided? Presumably it is due to a lack of defensive lines. In today’s Rust Guide we will show you one of the best 2×2 starter bases that you can pull up in no time!

Contents of the guide:

  • Basic design facts
  • Step-by-step instructions + costs
  • Interior
  • Important tips

Rust – Basis Guide: Basenbau leicht gemacht!

The best Rust starter base in 2021! This is how you build it

Why 2×2? A 2×2 base in Rust is an ideal sweet spot for newbies. Due to its small size, the base is not noticeable so quickly, is easy to upgrade and to supply maintenance materials.

Apart from that, a starter base probably won’t last for the entire wipe cycle anyway, but it should provide you with a solid foundation so that you have a successful start. Apart from that, any base in Rust can be easily expanded.


Step by step: this is how you build your base

What you need: Before we start building the best Rust starter base in 2021 — you see, I’m convinced — we should work through a short checklist. On this you will find all the materials you need for the construction:

  • 3,000 wood
  • 13,800 stone
  • 5,500 metal fragments
  • 2,086 stone for upkeep
  • 684 metal for upkeep

1. The foundation

You have found a good place to build, now you are placing the floor plan of the base made of branch foundations. This ensures that you are not within reach of another Building Cupboard.

First upgrade just the inner 2×2 square to stone and drag walls and a door around it. The honeycombs outside remain free for now.


2. Expand the base

Now you will create one wall on the inside so that the free area of your base has a U-shape rotated by 90 degrees. Now place three wall frames reaching out from the middle. You will need this later.

You should tackle the honeycombs now. Build them straight out of stone and add a roof to them. The spike remains open because you build the airlocks here. That should make a door raid more difficult. In other words, you place wall frames in the triangular foundations and fill them with double doors (minimum metal doors).

bauschritt 2

Finally, go to the roof and place stone half-walls along the lines of the inner square of your base. You build another roof on it. So you get honeycombing on the roof and have additional protection from above.

Note: You should upgrade the inner area with metal fragments as soon as you can in order to get the best version of the starter base.

3. Interior & Protection

Place a half-wall in the middle of the back of your base, but don’t upgrading it. You build a  floor on it and tear off the half wall again. Now you have increased your storage capacity. Here you can store several boxes to save space. If you do it like us, there is even room for a grill.

rust-regalNow you may remember the wall frames that you should have placed earlier. Add a garage door to each of them. All that remains now is the furnishing with ovens, workbenches and sleeping bags. But we leave you room for your imagination.


More helpful tips for your Rust base

This will help you: Our base design wouldn’t be the best Rust starter base in 2021, if we didn’t have helpful tips and tricks ready for you:

  1. Use carpets: hides and carpets increase the comfort level of your Rust base. The higher this is, the faster your HP regenerates.
  2. Use a locker: You can fill a locker in Rust directly with an equipment set. Should you be killed during a raid, you can equip a full armor and weapon set in no time.
  3. Expand the entrance: If you expand the front part of the base, you can attach windows with armored glass which will guarantee you an overview before you storm outside.



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