Have you ever wanted to be a Martian? Well now’s your chance with the imminent May 16th release of the multiplayer survival sandbox game ROKH. Developers Nvizzio Creations and Darewise Entertainment bring you a survival game rooted in scientific realism with deep crafting and building systems.

Featuring a persistent world with co-op multiplayer, players will need to combine forces to survive the many threats that await them on the planet Mars. Brought to you by some of the creative minds behind such games as Thief, Half Life 2, Age of Conan, and Assassin’s CreedROKH is a survival game all about science.

Interesting Crafting & Assembly

After landing on Mars, players are going to quickly discover that all previous human colonies have been destroyed. It will be key to explore and scavenge deserted structures to find and gather the resources needed for survival. There is a free-form and modular crafting system that contains a few blueprints, but players are required to be creative and find ways to combine materials to craft tools and construct bases.

Features include tile-based assembly, adaptive survival in which players need oxygen, food and water, and a necessity protect themselves from heat, cold, radiation and injury. Another facet of ROKH is the free-form crafting and modularity. Some crafted devices can be socketed to walls to automate tasks, increase survivability, to provide defence, and much more.

ROKH releases into Steam Early Access on May 16th.



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