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The young German team of developers of JIW Games have a potential rising star in their midst. That game is Rising World. Using the voxel-based design method, fans of open-world design and crafting games will definitely be drawn to this title if they haven’t already. We met with Lucien Schünke, one of the games developers, to talk about future plans for this sandbox survival game.

The Voxel Paradise

The lovingly designed Minecraft clone, Rising World, is being marketed by British publishing company Kiss, and has so far sold 114,191 copies. The small team of three guys at JIW have been programming this sandbox survival for 5 years and have already built a solid foundation. The world is divided into a variety of biomes from forests and deserts, to the savannah and polar icecaps, each with their own flora and fauna.

Players will be lucky enough to experience an almost fully customisable world with the ability to create everything from the simplest of buildings to some pretty complex structures. There are virtually no limits to the imagination. However, there are currently no realistic physics in place either, meaning that what goes up doesn’t always come back down…

Players can create giant structures

Special Technique

Rising World is built on the Java system much like its spiritual predecessor Minecraft, and uses the JMonkey Engine. We wanted to know why the company decided to not use a cheaper entry-level engine like Unity. Lucien Schünke wanted to keep the game as close to their team as possible.

“We want to avoid asset flipping as much as possible. It is important to us to provide our own services and to protect them.”

Rising world Defense
Fortification is a must have in Rising world

The Future of Rising World

JIW Games are doing their best to grant the wishes of the already strong community. They aim to make most requests a top priority while working towards the release of a full version by Summer 2018. Already new animals are being introduced into the different biomes in Rising World and there is excited talk of added fables in future additions.

There is even a Hell in Rising World that’s waiting for players far, far below the surface of the game. You have to dig real deep, past the already gloomy dungeons, to find this terrible place. Rumour has it that Hellhounds are set to make an appearance in the future.

New survival elements are already in advance stages of development, while new character models can already be admired on Steam. There’s also new clothing to protect characters from the weather and a trading system with NPCs is also in development.

Rising world home buidiing
Our house, is a very, very, very, fine house.

Other features set to make their debut include a quest system, allowing players to create their own sets of missions and in-game electricity that will brighten up Rising World in a number of ways. Not to mention more serviceable vehicles are on the way!

JIW are also working on an unconstrained construction system, that will give players enough freedom to build some pretty unique and complex structures. If this young team can keep their heads and use their limited resources wisely, is it possible that Rising World could give Minecraft a run for it’s money?


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