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New Viking co-op survival thrills thousands of players on Steam

The co-op survival Valheim has started in Steam's Early Access and is a huge hit with players. We'll tell you what to expect in Valheim.

Frostpunk – Review: The Burden of Leadership

We got the responsibility to build the last city on earth and let our citizens survive the upcoming blizzard in the survival/city-builder game Frostpunk.

Your Toy Review- A Nightmare to Play

Fun can be a virtue, but a virtue with limit.
Deep Sorrow

Deep Sorrow: Review – Get Me Out of Here

It was our time to get into a old bunker to save our friend André in the hope we could get back to the surface together in our review: Deep Sorrow.
The Cat Lady Review

The Cat Lady – A Beautiful Storytelling Experience

We've tested Harvester Gamesand's "The Cat Lady". In this horror game we get resurrected with the sole purpose of hunting down five psychopaths.