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The Resident Evil Village demo is limited to 60 minutes of playtime. Resourceful users of the community have found a way to reset this time limit on the PC.

That’s going on: Interested players can download and play the demo for the upcoming Resident Evil Village on Steam until May 10th. The only downer, however, is the playing time. As with the 1-Shot demo for Resident Evil 2 Remake, the demo has a limited playing time. You have 60 minutes to explore the two areas – the village and the Dimitrescu castle of the demo. If this time has expired, the demo cannot be started again.

Here, however, Capcom did the math without the PC players. As was the case with the Resident Evil 2 demo, the time limit on the PC has now been virtually canceled. Although the time limit cannot be switched off completely, you can easily reset the timer to zero after 60 minutes. This gives you 60 minutes to visit the village or the castle.

How to reset the demo time limit

Steam user Leaves has written a simple guide for resetting.

  1. First you have to deactivate the cloud storage of the Resident Evil Village demo. You can find this option in the respective Steam settings of the game.
  2. Now delete the saved savegames. These can be found under the following path, for example: C:\Steam\userdata\<YOUR STEAM ID>\1541780\remote\win64_save\
  3. Download SAM (Steam Achievement Manager) here
  4. Start SAM via SAM.Game.exe
  5. Find the Resident Evil Village demo and double-click the icon
  6. Now you uncheck the achievements and statistics you have already received.
  7. Finally, you confirm the change via Commit Changes

Now the respective achievements have been deactivated for the times and you have another hour to play the demo. We wish you lots of fun.


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