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On January 21, 2021 there will be more information about the next part “Village” as part of a Resident Evil Showcase. Capcom has already published a short teaser. However, the community only seems to have eyes for the huge vampire lady.

That’s going on: The new title in the Resident Evil Franchise has not yet appeared, but thanks to another short teaser about Resident Evil Village, the anticipation is increasing. The teaser only consists of short snippets that appear to be from a trailer. This will probably be presented in its entirety on January 21st at the Resident Evil Showcase.

In the trailer, we mainly get to see female vampires who can also turn into bats. But the werewolves can also be seen in the short teaser.

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That excites the community: The Resident Evil Community is especially enthusiastic about one person. The huge vampire lady in her white outfit and oversized hat. We see in the teaser how she looks quite tall next to the other vampires, and we can also watch how she has to duck to fit through a normal door.

On Twitter, fans are already looking forward to exciting chase scenes, similar to those with Mister X or Nemesis. The approaching clack of her high-heeled shoes on the floor should provide plenty of goosebumps.

What you need to know: In Resident Evil Village you will not only meet vampires and werewolves but also witches. How all of this fits into the world of Resident Evil, we don’t quite know yet. But we are curious to see how the story will unfold. Resi 8 has no release date yet, but we will hopefully find out more on January 21 at 2:00 PM PST.


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