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It’s only been a day since Resident Evil 7’s release, but Capcom has big plans for the successor to its genre-creating series. Two more DLCs are planned, as well as the addition of a completely new storyline.

The Banned Footage

Enthusiasts who have already faced every horror lurking in the base game’s shadows will be comforted to hear that a pair of scenarios named Banned Footage Vol.1 and Vol. 2 are on the horizon. These episodes are planned to be DLC supplements available for a fee. That is, unless you bought a season pass to match your bundle of interactive terror.

Even the guns in Resident Evil 7 need protection.

Spring will see further expansion in Resident Evil 7’s world of survival-horror with a third episode named Not a Hero. Unlike Vol. 1 and 2, however, you won’t have to pull your wallet out of your soiled pants to experience it. Not a Hero will be accessible free-of-charge and is slated for release in spring 2017.

Why is it always chainsaws? I’d much rather have to dodge a rake or a leaf blower.

With the integral role Resident Evil played in establishing survival-horror games, it’s no surprise that Capcom has dedicated so many resources to the project. The series has sold over 71 million units worldwide to date. Despite its long history, Resident Evil has a history of morphing to fit with trends rather than disappear into irrelevancy. It just goes to show, there’s some fears you never get over.

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