Resident Evil 7 – Demo is coming this month

Resident Evil 7 – Demo is coming this month

The release date for Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 is already fixed. Biohazard is scheduled to be published on 24 January 2017. While PS4 players have been able to enjoy a playable demo of the seventh part of the series since June, PC and Xbox owners have had to resort to videos. This should finally change.

Complete update for all platforms

While the completely reworked version of the demo has already been released for the PlayStation 4, the waiting of the others comes to an end soon. It has been made available for the Xbox one on the 9th of December and will be available for the PC on the 19th of December

With the update of the demo, additional contents as well as the PSVR support was added. There was also a new trailer for the final version of Resident Evil 7.

Open questions

Capcom has now heated the community with demos for Resident Evil 7 for months. More and more questions have arisen, some of which has caused frustration among the players. With the final demo they are now to be answered completely. For example, the mysterious finger has a benefit.

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