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Remothered: Tormented Fathers is part one of a trilogy brought to life by Italian director Chris Darrill and Stormind Games. Ready for release on PS4 and PC, via Steam, sometime in 2017, it promises to be a heart thumping thriller beautifully built using the Unreal Engine.

Whats the Story?

Remothered is a stealth survival horror mystery mash up that is all about the thrill of the chase. You play in third person as Rosemary, a unique and curious woman. You are investigating the mysterious disappearance of Celeste, the daughter of Dr Felton and Adrianna in the homestead where Dr Felton is currently being treated for a disease. As you start to find evidence of a cover up of a massacre, things get a bit scary and you soon find yourself being stalked by the psychopaths and fanatics that inhabit the house.

What am I doing?

This is not a run and gun horror shooter, in fact there are no guns in the game at all, or any powerful items or magic. This is very much a game about making use of the every day items to their full potential. As you explore the house, investigating and using the many items lying around, you end up developing your skills and learning new ones. Seems simple but the crazies are stalking your every step of the way, reacting to any noise you make and they wont give up or apparently die! You are faced with a simple choice, run or hide! It is possible to escape the clutches of anybody that gets too close, but running may well attract the attention of someone else and you WILL be followed, so learning to use the environment is key to your survival.

Rosemary hiding
Sshh, a deadly game of hide and seek

The stalkers react to every noise you make so you need to keep on your toes and listen for their footsteps. If anyone starts to get close the atmospheric soundtrack from Nobuka Topa will kick in adding to the tension.

There are no health meters here to inform you of your stats, you need to pay attention to your character to work out if they are fit to carry on. There are no loading times as you wander the house and the creator states that there will be no silly out of context puzzles to solve. This is all about you using the day to day items, evidence you may come across and the most important tool of all….your brain.

Keep your eyes peeled and ears listening for follow up news on Remothered: Tormented Fathers. We know we’ll have more for you soon!



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