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If you find morbid satisfaction of the late 90’s suspense-thriller movies, then Remothered: Tormented Fathers is heaven sent for you. We have a Jodie Foster look-alike named Rosemary Reed whose desperate curiosity lead her to trespassing a mansion owned by a shady old man. How you uncover the truth is up to you – and the game is knocking right at your door with its early access launch.

Closer Than You Think

Remothered: Tormented Fathers is out now and is redeemable via Steam Early Access for 12.99 Euros, so get hyped and well informed for our new suspense IP on the block as we discuss what it’s all about. The game is set for official release on a to be answered status, we’ll have the complete game out for PS4 and PC. The early access owners will receive the complete copy once the game development is finished. Apparently, the game is only two-thirds finished, the story left after the early access will be continued, those who reach the limit of it will be able to load their save data or play a new game.

Have you seen this girl?

Answers, Answers.

Questions of whatever happened to the girl missing from a recent incident in that mansion dwells to our main protagonist’s mind. After a decent appointment with the old man, she then tries to pry answers of what happened to his missing daughter. The old man seems hindered, and is irritated by her agenda. She was then kicked out of the house, due to the owner’s discord. After being locked out, like what any cynical horror protagonist stereotype would do, she sneaked back in to search for answers. What terror lies ahead is up to you to discover. Step into her shoes and find out what happened to uncover the dark truth. Run, hide and cling to dear old life.

Curiosity Killed a Cat

What’s worse than being abducted? Getting yourself stuck in the abductor’s abode by your own hands. Gameplay is similar to cat and mouse type of horror games, but the puzzle of the story interests me out of most. Kind of like a suspense movie. Also worth noting, the graphics are worthy of being called current gen and sound quality is decent so far. I’m looking forward for the game and if ever it can deliver a full 90’s psychological thriller experience.


SOURCERemothered via Youtube
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