Escape From Tarkov has a realistic medical system. At least that is how it appears to us as laymen. Now a real doctor checks the effects of hits & meds used.

This is how the system works: In Escape From Tarkov, hits are rated based on body zones. There are six of them:

  • Left & right arm
  • Left & right leg
  • torso
  • head

Depending on the hit zone and the caliber used, the severity of the wound can vary. This can go so far that a zone is completely “destroyed” and thus appears black. This is an awful sign because now you can only fix it up with a Trauma Kit.

All other wounds can be treated with a wide variety of aids and various stimulants, which serve to enhance one’s own physical capacity. But how realistic are these mechanics in really?

A Doctor Explains: Escape From Tarkov is pretty realistic

This is what a Doctor thinks: Dr. Jordan Wagner explains in a YouTube video from Gamology how realistic the wound and medical system from Escape From Tarkov really is.

He notices that it actually comes very close to the way soldiers or mercenaries treat themselves in combat. Animations are no less important here. For example, the order in which the Tarkov character uses a Survival Kit is correct from start to finish.

However, Dr. Wagner indicates that with such treatment wounds can quickly become infected and extreme complications can occur later. Because as you have probably already noticed, your character does not disinfect the wound at all.

Granted, in a fighting situation, stopping bleeding and pain is paramount. There is no time for a clean thorough surgery – bullet out, gauze in.

tarkov survival kit

This is not real: In the video, it becomes clear that many of the medical aids mentioned are also used in reality, only one is fictitious. The Regeneration Stimulant Injector, ETG-e for short, does not exist. How nice would it be to have a little syringe that instantly restores all of our energy?

If you want more insight from Dr. Jordan Wagner about Escape From Tarkov, click on the embed video or visit the channel linked above.

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