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The early access survival game Raft has been getting small updates regularly and the developers even added a requested item just a few days after the release. However, this time a new feature and a new item are added and the Ask Me Anything happened!

Crouching away

But at first, good news for the players that weren’t a fan of the bow that got added in the last update. Crafting the bow now requires fewer resources and the damage has been doubled. Besides that, random players won’t appear in your world anymore as you can set a password.

The new feature is the ability to crouch. Because of this, players are able to build smaller passages as you can now crouch under it.

Time to crouch!

This update also brings a new item to the game. A lot of players have been requesting a change to the axe as it broke too fast. However, the developers decided to bring out an new axe instead of just changing the old model. The stone axe will have the same speed and durability as the axe we knew. However, the old axe is now a metal axe, while it costs more resources it will have more durability and building speed.

Questions, questions and more questions…

As the developers did an AMA, players were able to ask questions on both Twitter and the Discord channel. As it’s a small team they already mentioned the following:

”We have been extremely busy with interviews and other business stuff the past week. Once we get more people on board, updates will definitely contain more.”

Will a story be added to the game ?: ”We definitely plan on adding more to the lore later on”. So, we can expect more lore into the game in a later stage, yet the question remains if its gonna be a full story.

Will there be more technology to unlock in the future like electricity or guns ?:   ”We don’t have any current plans on guns and such “modern” things at the moment.” While not everyone might like this, it looks like Raft will start with adding more primal survival objects or items.

How soon do you plan on adding multiplayer via servers ?: We might do that in the future, however, we are mainly focusing on content and new features right now!” So, for now, we will just have to invite our friends on steam to the game instead of playing on a multiplayer server.

Will you be adding skins? Or other ways to customize your character ?: ‘We are definitely going to look into character customization at some point.‘ Just like the other bigger updates, players will need to wait. However, customization of characters is always a requested feature and highly anticipated by players so maybe it doesn’t take too long.

Besides that, they also mentioned more islands and wrecks to explore, more animals and enemies. and the option to cook. The first new enemy will be coming with the new update and is the angry looking bird. In addition, Raft won’t come to the consoles anytime soon, as the developers are first focussing on the Windows version.



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