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Its been over a week since the survival game Raft arrived on the steam shore. Already at day one the developers listened closely to the players and added a requested item. In addition, the second update went live a few days ago. So, let’s check out what has happened in Raft since then.

Driving on the ocean

If you are not familiar with Raft, your character is stuck on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Your job is to survive and expand your raft by gathering the debris that floats around. This includes finding abandoned rafts and the possibility to swim.

However, while the game was just out for one day the developers decided to add the most requested item directly: the ladder. This might not sound exciting, but the ladder is an easy way to access the higher floors without using the precious space.

Raft Update 1.01 bringt eine Leiter ins Spiel
Raft Update 1.01 brings the requested ladder!

The same update fixed some bugs such as the water duplicating and the resolution reset. Besides this, they added the option to cap the frame rate. However, update 1.01B fixed some more issues as now players inventory won’t disappear anymore when a friend joins the world. Besides the bug fixes, the update also added the removal of the UI. This means that players are now able to make cinematic shots. To access this, you simply need to press the period button.

While the game is selling greatly on the PC, console players will have to wait as a PS4 version is not going to happen yet. The developers first want to improve the pc version with the help of the community before looking at options for the console. If you own the game and want to help to report bugs and interact with the community, Raft has an official Discord channel.



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