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The update 11.1 for the battle royale shooter PUBG has been released. Among other things, this brings the popular Paramo map greatly improved and a new transport option that saves you from the blue wall.

Update at a glance: PUBG is getting many new features with Update 11.1 today. This includes the improved Paramo map, changes to the game settings as well as custom matches and a second ride in the plane thanks to balloons.

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PUBG Update 11.1 – Paramo returns improved

It’s back! Oh dear, how angry the fans were at the end of Season 10 when the most popular map, Paramo, was removed from the map pool. The developers have probably listened to the criticism and are bringing back the highlands of Paramo.

This time the map comes with a lot of changes. Among other things, their layout is now far more random. While you are looting a village at position XY in one round, there may be an ancient city in ruins here in the next match. This, coupled with the already cool random events, should give Paramo a new shine.

You can also compete against other players in duos and three squads. So far, Paramo has been limited to four-player squads and TPP (third person). So now you can also let it rip in first person!

Key data of the new PUBG Paramo Map

  • The terrain of Paramo is still different with each round, we’ve added a new random place (four in total).
  • Increased spawn rates for the Secret Room and Supply Package Helicopters.
  • Terrain improvement and additional cover options #
  • Up to 64 players can take part in a match.
  • Supports both TPP and FPP.
  • Added secret room key tab (custom match).
  • A sandbox mode is available (custom match).


Emergency escape balloon “Fulton” saves you from the blue zone

The item can do that: In PUBG there is the Fulton balloon with the new update 11.1. This findable item allows you to raise a balloon that can be used to blow four players into the air by an airplane.

Whole purpose of it is to get to a safe zone far away that you would not be able to reach in time on foot or by car. The balloon itself is of course anything but stealth-compatible! The Fulton can only be found on:

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Vikendi

Pay attention to this: The Fulton balloon is big, very big and steals a huge part of the inventory space. So you have to think twice about whether it’s worth taking it in.

When setting up the package, you should also make sure that there are no obstacles such as ceilings, trees, or rock walls in the way. Otherwise it will be a very short flight. Once you and your squad have reached their destination, you can simply detach yourself from the plane – this is possible at any time.

pubg-update-11.1-fulton-ballon-emergancy-exitFurther changes in the PUBG Update 11.1

Weapon balance

  • Mini 14
    • Damage increased by 1. (46 → 47)
  • VSS
    • Damage increased by 2. (41 → 43)
  • Scar-L
    • Damage increased by 1. (41 → 42)
  • SLR
    • Horizontal recoil increased by 15%.
    • Recoil recovery rate decreased. 2.1 → 1.9
  • Beryl
    • Horizontal recoil strength increased by 5%.
    • Horizontal recoil speed increased. 10 → 11
    • Vertical recoil speed increased by 1.5. (15 → 16.5)

Also included

  • 10 new championship medals
  • UI improvements
  • PUBG ID update
  • Ability to follow friends of friends in the old system
  • There are now match reports
  • Shop improvements
  • Quality of life changes
  • Performance has been optimized
  • New clothing sets
  • New Skins (Gold & Silver Beryl)
  • Lots of bug fixes

pubg-update-11.1-new-skinsThat’s it: These were the most important changes in PUBG Update 11.1. If you want to find out more details about the technical details, clothing sets or improvements, you can find the original post from the developers here!

SOURCEPUBG Official via Blog
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