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The new PUBG Update 10.1 is here, and we have the patch notes for you. The update includes the new Map Haven, which we finally know more about. And of course, there is also plenty of new content!

The update at a glance: Not only is the new Map Haven included in PUBG Update 10.1, but also a lot of content that paves the way for Season 10. Finally, we also learn more about them, their missions & the new Survivor Pass. We will also take a closer look at the AI-Faction.

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PUBG Update 10.1 Patch Notes: This is the New Map Haven

This is Haven: Here 32 players compete in duos or 1-man duos in the dense streets and on roofs, but Haven is anything but safe. As a player, you will face a new threat during your matches, an enemy faction that is trying to kill you. They are called “Pillar” and represents the armored AI truck & helicopter that you know from the many trailers.

But not only that, but you also have to deal with Pillar guards and commanders. These soldiers are the infantry of the Pillar-Faction — more on that later.

Haven is based on a city in the Rust Belt, an industrial region in the north-east of the USA, and is also divided into several districts, which we will discuss in more detail later in a separate article:

  • Carbon Steelworks
  • Coal Yards
  • Industrial Zone
  • Residential Zone
  • Overpass
  • Docks

pubg-update-10.1-patch-notes-new-map-havenThis is how matches work: The Map Haven, which is so prominently featured in the PUBG Update 10.1 Patch Notes, is only available during Season 10. This starts on December 16th, 2020. Accordingly, Haven is also subject to very specific rules:

  • Haven is only available during Season 10.
  • TPP & FPP.
  • 32 players each match.
    • No normal bots in the map acting as players, or included in the player count.
  • Duo Mode only, including 1-Man Duo.
  • Match length is shorter than other maps. You’ll earn around 70% of the BP compared to a full-length match on another map.
  • You can work towards Mastery, Survivor Pass and BattleStat progress in Haven but your stats aren’t recorded in the Career tab.

PUBG Update 10.1 Brings AI Soldiers & Emergency Parachute

These are the units: With the PUBG Update 10.1, a new faction comes into play. As you already know they are called Pillar and guard the city of Haven. Not only do they drive through the streets in an armored truck or fly in a helicopter, but they also come on foot. There are two different types of infantry:

  • Pillar Guard: These AI soldiers are lightly armed and guard certain areas on the map.
  • Pillar Commander: In contrast to the guards, the commanders are heavily armed and guard large loot stashes and high loot areas in Haven.


This is the new Pillar cache: This pile of loot from the Pillar unit replaces the old airdrop. In order to open them, you need a cache key that you receive from killed Pillar commanders. However, once the cache has been opened, all players can access the content.

Eye in the sky: So let’s get to the anti-camper mechanics and what makes Haven so special in addition to its setting: The driving and flying AI, which is declared as a massive threat in the PUBG Update 10.1 patch notes.

Pillar helicopter

This helicopter guards the sky and flies patrol all over Haven. If it discovers you in an open area, he will direct his spotlight on you. Now your position will be passed on to the truck which will then make its way to you. What sucks, even more, is that other players now know where you are hiding.


Pillar-Tactical (armored car)

This armored monster shoots anything that moves. He can also communicate with the other Pillar units and therefore calls for reinforcements. By the way, you cannot destroy the Tactical. That means you have to run and most important not hide because the tank drives every mouse out of its hiding place with firebombs.


The parachute: Of course there is a parachute at the start, otherwise you hit the ground and burst like an overripe watermelon – no more jokes! Because now there are parachutes that you can loot. These enable you to jump off the rooftops with the “exaggerated swagger of a black teen” – I guess you weren’t done with the jokes after all.

PUBG Update 10.1: This is What the Patch Notes for Season 10 Give Away

This is the Survivor Pass: Also in Season 10 of PUBG it is back and you can climb 100 levels up. This will give you countless rewards. You can start from December 16, 2020. You have to pay attention to this:

  • Survivor Pass: Breakthrough begins December 16, 2020 upon completion of live server maintenance.
  • The pass ends on March 24 at 11 am KST and you’ll have until maintenance on March 31st to claim any pass rewards.
  • Kill missions will only be completed when you get a kill during the match, not just from assisting with a kill credited to another player.
  • Accumulated kills or assists achieved during a match will be reflected in the kill or assist missions.


How Season 10 Ranked works: The last season is over and the rewards will be given away the next time you log in. You can read what these rewards are here!

Otherwise, the rules for PUBG Season 10 remain the same. You have to play five matches to get an entry tier. This rank rises or falls depending on how well you do in the following rounds. Also known are the rewards that you can get at the end of the season:

  • Skin for Mirado
  • Skin for parachute
  • Emblems

pubg-season-10-ranked-rewardsThat’s it with the PUBG Update 10.1 Patch Notes or at least the most important stuff. For everything else, click here!

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