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With update 10.1 of the Battle Royale shooter Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, a new map has come to PUBG with “Haven”. We show you the structure, the location, the districts and the AI of the map.

That’s happening right now: On December 9th, 2020 the update 10.1 for PUBG was released and, in addition to a new map and a new season, also brought numerous other improvements and content with it. Details on the update can be found in our patch article.

The new PUBG Map Haven

This is the new map: Haven is an industrial island in the “rust belt” of America. The new map is very small and densely populated with its 1×1 km. 32 players fight for victory here as a duo. But you can also try to get the chicken dinner on your own, so to speak as a 1-player duo. The fighting takes place on the streets, on the roofs or in the industrial plants of the map.


You have to know that: Haven is a map that comes into play with Season 10 and will be activated from December 16.

  • Haven is only available during Season 10
  • TPP & FPP
  • 32 players each match – Duo Mode only, including 1-Man Duo
  • No normal bots in the map acting as players or included in the player count
  • The match length is shorter than other maps. You’ll earn around 70% of the BP compared to a full-length match on another map
  • You can work towards Mastery, Survivor Pass, and BattleStat progress in Haven but your stats aren’t recorded in the Career tab
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This is special about the map: The map is not only very small, which will ensure fast and intense battles, it is also patrolled by an enemy AI. The AI faction is called Pillar and is heavily armed. Their helicopters fly over the map looking for players. If they find you, they’ll send a truck full of AI soldiers after you, who will quickly puncture you with bullets.

Pillar guards and commanders are particularly tough opponents, but often guard valuable items – for example, powerful weapons, which you should definitely get for your victory.


The PUBG Map districts

The new 1km² map offers 6 different districts despite its small size.

The Carbon Steelworks: In the center of Haven is a huge mill – the Carbon Steelworks Complex. With a little skill, you can reach the roof and also the fiery depths. Dark corners are good hiding spots, so be careful.


Coal Yards: An industrial wasteland, a paradise for snipers. The cranes provide a good view of the area and under the fluorescent lights, players stand out. Only the scrap heaps offer protection.


The Industrial Zone: In the north of the map is the industrial zone, consisting of factories, buildings of chemical companies, and storage facilities. In the open courtyards, you are an easy target and in the factories, you will encounter closed-quarter-combat.

The Residential Area: In the residential area, the Pillar NPCs patrol the main street, ideally don’t run into them. The residential area consists of residential complexes that you can explore and with the help of your tactical parachute you can quickly get from one roof to the next.


The Overpass: The overpass runs right through the center of Haven and offers you two options: Either you walk under it and are protected from the search helicopters of the NPCs, but you might meet other players. Or you go on top, where you are probably alone, but have to face the helicopters.

pubg-haven-overpassThe Docks: In the west of the map is the Dock. This district offers many opportunities to seek refuge. The freight containers are everywhere and the warehouses offer space for loot. If you are looking for a shortcut, you can risk using the old barges.


Are you going to check out the Season 10 Map Haven and excited to see how intense the battles get? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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