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PUBG popularized the Battle Royal genre in 2017. Since then one has really seen a lot. Nevertheless, there are always things that blow you away again. For example, a great killstreak from the moving car.

Here’s what happened: PUBG player Deadbeef recently reported on Reddit how he went full risk in one of his final rounds. His teammates have already been promoted across the virtual Jordan. Because of this, Deadbeef had already written off the round and went fully on the offensive. Armed with the PP-19 Bizon and an old cart, he’s heated across the battlefield and has done a lot for his K / D statistics. But see for yourself.

My buddies died so I decided to go out with a bang! from PUBATTLEGROUNDS

What particularly catches the eye is the way in which Deadbeef deals with the Sprayfire of the PP-19 and does enough damage even out of the moving car. In the end, he was even able to prevail against a whole group. With a short pre-fire out of the car, he manages to wipe a whole squad with just one magazine.

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What the community says: The other players also seem to like the action a lot.

  • Marky2299 would have liked to have been part of the action in Voice: “I can’t even begin to imagine what your voice chat sounded like while this was happening.”
  • Even the PUBG Community Manager celebrates DeadBeef for his streak: “Holy shit the spray transfer on the final kills .. INSANE!”

I haven’t been granted anything like this until now. If I had been an eyewitness to similar action, I would have been the one who would have ended up in the dirt. How about you Have you ever had something similarly cool? Let us know your story in the comments.

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