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The current server status of PUBG does not allow players to log in. But after the maintenance is over, the new map Haven & Season 10 should start.

Current status: The PUBG servers are currently offline. You can check the PUBG server status here! But there’s also something good about it, because after the servers go back online, you can try out the new Map Haven & throw yourself straight into the Season 10 fray.

Note the update at the end of the article!

PUBG Server Status: Down – Then Start of Haven & Season 10

What can you expect At the moment, the servers of the Battle Royale shooter are still being worked on. Afterwards, all players should then have access to the new content on the PC.

Season 10 of PUBG also starts today and so you can start directly with the grind that will catapult you into the top league! At the end of the season, great rewards await you again, based on your final rank. You can find everything else in this article:

PUBG Update 10.1 Patch Notes! New Map Haven & Season 10 are here!

When are the servers online? On Twitter, the official PUBG channel announced that the PUBG server status will not change for around 8 hours before they are gradually reactivated. The start times are as follows:

  • Dec 15, 4:30 pm PST
  • Dec 16, 2:30 am UTC
  • Dec 16, 1:30 am CET
  • Dec 16, 9:30 am at KST

Update Dec 16th: Server back online!

The PUBG servers are online again! You can now play Season 10 & the new Map Haven!


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