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Soon, the ranked rewards for Season 9 of PUBG will be distributed. When & what you get, you will find out now! We’ll also tell you the start of the 10th season of PUBG.

At the end of Season 9: Playing PUBG in ranked mode is a challenge of its own. If you can place yourself well and invest around in it now and then, you can look forward to stylish rewards!

These are the PUBG Season 9 Ranked Rewards

This is what get: If you qualified within PUBG Season 9 in the ranked, then you can expect big booty soon. As at the end of last season, this is of course limited to cosmetic content. In Season 9 of PUBG, the rewards are all gold and black. The ranked rewards are as follows:

  • Motor glider in gold black optics
  • Parachute in black with gold and white accents

To be able to use the cool luxury motor glider skin, you just have to have reached the rank of Gold V (5). You will also receive the stylish parachute if you have been classified in Diamant V.

Emblems & Awards: Depending on which rank you have reached at the end of the 9 season, you will get different emblems. The top 500 players also receive a corresponding badge that shows everyone their outstanding performance. Enemy players will see your emblems whenever you kill them in a fight.


When are the Rewards & PUBG Season 10 Coming?

Beginning of the next Season: The ranked rewards of Season 9 by PUBG will be distributed along with the start of Season 10 on December 16, 2020. You can see your results yourself under the item Career in the game.

What rewards you can expect in the new season of PUBG is still unclear. No matter what it will be, we advise you to hang in there when you see this year’s rewards!


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