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The new setting for the upcoming PUBG Season 10 map is known. It will takes us to a big city where campers are on the hit list!

City air makes you free: A few days ago, the fans of PUBG were still puzzled as to which setting the new map of Season 10 would introduce. After all, we have already seen all the biomes on earth and the developers will certainly not send us to another planet. It is now clear that it is a big city setting!

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What we Know About the PUBG Season 10 Map “Haven”

The setting can do that: In the first teaser of the new PUBG map “Haven”, the map was described with the following words:


In addition, it was seen that the player is probably being followed by a helicopter and therefore had to flee into a tunnel. Now the question arose whether there would be AI opponents who use such vehicles or whether they are controlled by players. There is an answer to that!

“Opponents, plural?” You ask? Yes, in the trailer for PUBG’s Haven map published a few hours ago, we not only see a helicopter, but also an armed military truck.

You will also get a glimpse of the city that appears to be the new location for PUBG Season 10. So the struggle in the narrow urban canyons seems to break down into street fights. Lots of windows, little space to escape. That calls campers on the scene!

This is how campers are fought: The vehicles that you see in the trailer are actually controlled by an AI and are primarily intended to hunt campers. There are also several leaks, presented here by PlayerIGN:

This is what the community expects: On Twitter, fans of the Battle Royale let their imaginations run wild. Some players want destructible environments to be able to get on the house campers.

Others worry that the new Map Haven will only be TPP (Third Person) and that camping could increase even further, despite the anti-camp vehicles.

Officially, nothing has yet been shared about the game settings of the new PUBG map in Season 10. Although it may be about time. Only a few days will pass before this new ranked season begins. The start of Season 10 is scheduled for December 16, 2020.


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