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Brendan Greene aka PlayerUnknown is currently the most famous “unknown” on the gaming scene with the phenomenal success of his multiplayer battle royal shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. At Gamescom on Wednesday he appeared for the first time in front of the German public with an interesting talk explaining how he ascended from modder to top developer. We were lucky enough to sit down and briefly get to know the PlayerUnknown and discuss his amazing work with PUBG so far.

The Man Behind the Mask

We, like many others, were eagerly waiting for the top developer to appear in the congress hall and talk about his 8 million copy success story. We searched and hoped but came up empty-handed, till we noticed an inconspicuous man in a red t-shirt and sunglasses photographing the still quiet hall from the corner. He looked like any other visitor, however truthfully he was hiding a gamertag known worldwide behind those shades. He quickly realised that he had been spotted, but took offence and was extremely friendly.

We could tell he was a little awestruck by his own fame. As we approached he stood fascinated by the three enormous screens announcing his upcoming seminar. Whilst talking we learned a lot about the famed PlayerUnknown. It’s clear that Brendan Greene is an extremely modest man, letting the numbers of copies sold do the talking for him. We sat and chatted about our experiences with PUBG and were surprised to find out that like us, Greene prefers to observe others rather than get in the ring a fight himself. We realised that he isn’t some god-like figure of power, but just another human being who had a great idea and now appears at events like these with a planned PowerPoint.

“Does PUBG suit the survival genre?” Greene smiled at this question. He believes that his success story definitely sits within the survival genre. No matter how you look at PUBG, in the end, the goal is to be the final survivor, regardless of how you get there. Before he headed off we discussed his ties to some famous German streamers and content creators, helping his modding career enormously. As the hall filled with eager PUBG fans, we thanked PlayerUnknown for his time and watched him disappear to prepare for the seminar.

Survivethis found PlayerUnknown.

From Modder to Legend

We found our seats and quickly sat down to listen to his words. To begin with, Brendan Greene asked for a round of applause for the development team at Bluehole. He explained how an idea cannot become more without the help of a brilliant team of passionate developers. Greene was sincerely grateful for all their hard work.

He took us through his life; describing the quiet days as an Irishman living in Brazil with PlayerUnknown being just another gamertag. How he was inspired by Bohemia Interactive’s “Survivor Gamez”, developed as a modification for the DayZ mod. As he honed his modding skills and built a community, Greene witnessed the rise of battle royale modifications for many games, such as Arma 3, and H1Z1: King of the Kill. He took notes and made points for improvements till the final and impressive offer from Bluehole appeared. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was born.

The seminar ended with Greene revealing a screenshot of a brand new desert map for PUBG. The last fifteen minutes turned into a Q&A with the audience, to which he responded happily and graciously.┬áThe experience gained from creating such a successful title truly shone through in Brendan Greene’s seminar. The audience was engaged and truly interested in what he had to say. It is clear that PlayerUnknown is now respected universally as a brilliant developer.

desert map
The brand new desert map in the works,


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